This Is The Day Poem by Cia Frizzell

This Is The Day

Rating: 3.2

no particular reason, no explanation
you just find yourself suddenly happy
without the need to question it
getting lost in the sensation of wanting to hug the whole world
smiling to yourself and believing, really believing
that maybe, just maybe
people DO get rewarded by merit
and somewhere, somehow
you did good
and this is your reward

Brian Dorn 27 March 2007

I like the concept, Cia... what a wonderful reward it is! Well stated! ! Brian

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Frank Cannon 27 March 2007

Uplifting write. Rewarding read.

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Jerry Hughes 27 March 2007

...catch a falling star and put it in you pocket- enjoy already!

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alice sunderland 28 March 2007

this is just great cia. echoes what i think myself about life (and general) . great to see it written down - and 'written' so well! al.

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rajagopal haran 28 October 2007

this is the day and silence are of a different Genre; keep it up

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Elysabeth Faslund 07 July 2007

And don't that happiness come spurting out like the 'waterfall' from a good bottle of champagne that's been shaken? Except, when one is happy like this, we don't know why. Drink the champagne after, and congratulate yourself that you are indeed celebrating something good that you did...and didn't know it at the time! ! Read this one, people! ! xxElysabeth

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Alison Cassidy 04 April 2007

Love this piece Cia and I so agree with you. There is so much gloom and doom written in the form of verse. What a refreshing change to read a 'feel good' poem and one written with a refreshing honesty and effortlessness which reaches deep inside. love, Allie xxxx

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Not a member No 4 03 April 2007

As Dena said on another Cia: you write 'art'. You know what to say and how. It strikes a chord and we think: why didn't I think of it that way? You know what's important and your expression of it matches that importance. I knew they would come! ! ! Just let that pen flow. Excellent. jim

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fanniesson - 30 March 2007

Take it when you get it they don’t come that often I’m trying so hard not to say something negative it’s killing me!

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