Juke Box 1981 Poem by Cia Frizzell

Juke Box 1981

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the junkies always picked queen and bowie - 'under pressure'
and the gi's chose 'take me home country roads'
as for me, i don't remember what my favorite was that year
probably something german and girly
i didn't grow up until years after those days

Celt Merlyn 21 December 2006

1981 was about when i started listening to death metal, lol...it was my rebellion against whinny english lads- and it was about the year i had a arguement with a girl over this very subject, she liked the Police, up until that arguement, I hated them and her...until later, i realized she was right lol. btw i love to see your stuff (remember i always i told you could write!) lol celt

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fanniesson - 22 December 2006

This is a nice one I like the way it shows a time in your life but not enough to really matter please this is a complement don’t take it any other way enjoyed the read picked up something here to boot for myself

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Not a member No 4 17 January 2007

So what were you doing in that pub? Evocative and self deprecatiing. You always manage to say so much with so little apparent effort. Sharp commentating as usual Cia. jim

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Michael Fischer 07 April 2007

Interesting poem. Short and effective. You should have picked 'Burnin' for You' by Blue Oyster Cult or any Jethro Tull song from before! -Michael

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Chris Mendros 08 May 2007

i was into the whole Doors revival thing then, so i guess i hadn't grown up either. Clash and Pretenders, too, and the beginnings of my disdain for Era-centrists. And you could still get a song for 50-cents back then (tho not from 'fitty-cent') .

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Saint Cynosure 15 July 2008

I have a huge smile on my face, I like this a lot...

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Don Mcwilliams 06 March 2008

The tone of melancholy in your recollections is very interesting. Don

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Alison Cassidy 30 June 2007

Your last line is superb. Why have I missed this one? 1981 - I think it was 'And the Band Played Waltzing Mathilda' by Eric Bogle. It was 'Learning Co-op' days of children and alternatives and strumming my new guitar. This piece seemed to embody the anti-war movement and embrace the diggers at the same time. Classy poem Cia. love, Allie xxxx

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Gregory Collins 23 June 2007

read the list of poems until this one, finally deciding to respond, basic chicken you know, , spent summer 81 in key west, i thought then that someone had just invented the radio that year, swear it was attached to my head with wood screws or something, listened until my ears looked foolish, summer is a magnet, everytime i hear a certain song i can tell when it was released..seems like sorrow had not slipt into the music yet, , , ....anywho.., , , i like the voice thru your poems, can hear a distinct voice coming out, especially the toys watching, is that about your son? your poems remind me of then, , when we have not comiited our wings, the tune of someone song i hear about being vain or no matter how wonderful something might be..or human eyes like arrows fixed...or whatver you obviously understand the point..good poems.definately only for the truth, , gregory

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Ted Sheridan 13 June 2007

I was listening to Dylan and Springsteen, my wife liked Michael Jackson....LOL.

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