Not A Haiku Poem by Cia Frizzell

Not A Haiku

Rating: 2.9

if the only want i have
is not wanting any more
am i being zen enough?

Roger Bowman 29 November 2006

I agree perfecto Roger

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fanniesson - 16 December 2006

this here is a keeper nice read

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Bartholomew Humble 21 December 2006

of course you are zen enough that makes you a boddhisattva

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Phillip Sawatzky 29 December 2006

Hmmm.....Reminds me of the story about three monks standing on a bridge, and the first monk sez...... Yes, you are definitely now a Zen rock star! Tongue in cheek, you are a blessed liar. love it-finally, an antidote to haikus. phillip

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Not a member No 4 06 January 2007

Do you want to know the answer or not? ! ! ! Zenhood + humour + razor sharp mind = Cia's very fine poetry. jim

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Bill Thomas 16 January 2009

Gorgeously Buddhist - but it'll do! Happy New Year, Cia - hope all's well with you. Cheers, Bill

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Ron Dragano 13 July 2007

Swami says: Yup (send 5.00 to PO Box 007, Paladin Drive, West Jesus Mongolia) Swami says: Nope, one want to go. ((send 10.00 to address above) Swami says: No, add at least 5,695 and join the human race. (15.00 same address) Swami says: That depends, is one enough for you? Or is one too many for you? (20.00)

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Elysabeth Faslund 23 June 2007

This could be a conundrum. Catch-22. Clever indeed! ! 6-7-7. Could be a Haiku. The Haiku Masters very frequently did not follow 5-7-5. Anyway. I LIKE this. Now I have to figure it out.xxElysabeth

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Lungelo Mbatha 23 June 2007

short but tight! me smilling-.... CheerS!

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Michael Fischer 01 May 2007

Great said so much with so little! Top marks! -Michael

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