Everything Is Beauty Poem by Cia Frizzell

Everything Is Beauty

Rating: 3.7

she sees beauty in everything

the abandoned factory with its broken windows
telling stories about times gone by

the plastic ring from the gum machine
which is more precious than diamonds or pearls

the weed trying to push its way through the concrete
with more nobility than a well groomed rose bush

the spider crawling along the kitchen counter
that she carefully picks up and puts outside

the stray dog huddled next to the air vent for warmth
safe in the knowlege he's safe for a few more minutes

the homeless guy on the bus, who surely hasn't showered in weeks
yet carries an air of dignity and grace

her dying friend's face as he hangs on to what joy there is left
still extending kindness to those around him

she sees beauty in everything
except the mirror

Cosi Celeste 30 May 2007

I've looked in the mirror with you and have seen your beauty. When all is said and done, you're still one of my most beautiful friends. elisama

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Max Reif 09 June 2007

I like your heart, I guess it the way I'd say it. Each example is well-clothed in its words. The ending...well, it's a bit painful, I was getting used to the pleasurable ride, but it has a ring of truth.

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Michael Shepherd 27 June 2007

Only a beautiful person can see beauty everywhere... smash your mirror - or cheaper - take a beautiful look...!

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Dr.subhendu Kar 30 July 2007

so beauty lies in the eyes of beholder not in the object, beautiful ideas, i do love those..... really well penned

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Not a member No 4 11 August 2007

Must beauty have an undercurrent of sadness is the question this lovely poem prompts in my mind Cia? Maybe yes is what I'm thinking straight off since it's a transient thing in its reality or the eye of the beholder, since the eye that beholds must pass too. Maybe not if we love it fully and let the beauty reflect into the seeing eye - for momentary true beauty has something perfect about it... where am I going with this... I don't know but I'm reminded of Burns' lines: But pleasures are like poppies spread; you seize the flow'r, it's bloom is shed; or like the snow falls on the river, a moment white then melts for ever. Anyway, it moved me the way a good poem should. Superb.Ta, jim xxx

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Powerful yet sad inductive ending because everyone has beauty that is unique.Yet very real.Keep writing.

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<font color =fusha>Amy 21 September 2008

i found this absoulutely insiring, i was recommended to read this poem, and im glad now that i've read it- keep writing :)

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Bill Thomas 23 May 2008

So incredibly deep & heartfelt: you write about someone we all know, with a care & grace that shows the poet is not lacking in that quality of whch she writes...

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James B. Earley 09 May 2008

A passionate assessment of one who finds beauty where she wants....... Excellent.

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Ashley S 12 August 2007

It's about time you posted again! ! ! Whoah, and what a post it is. Beautifully written Cia and very heartfelt. Well done! Ashley xo

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