Remembering Him Poem by Cia Frizzell

Remembering Him

Rating: 3.7

'you kiss me like you really mean it',
he told me once,
not as a compliment, more of an accusation.

and he was right... i did
i knew i had to fit a lifetime in that kiss.

Nat Z. Punx 31 December 2006

fit a lifetime into that kiss a gem

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Not a member No 4 06 January 2007

Cia, this cut me to the bone, and you know why! I was too young and arrogant, with too many options, to think this way. Wish I'd had this kind of insight into myself and situation. You've put so much into these few lines. Deadly exit. One of the best I've ever read! ! x jim

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Jerry Hughes 09 January 2007

...a kiss to build a dream on?

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Not a member No 4 17 January 2007

Thought I'd read it again Cia. It's brilliant! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Wrecks me completely.x jim

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Alison Cassidy 20 January 2007

I had a kiss like that once. And it changed my life forever. A simply expressed piece that offers a plethora of possibilities in just a few words. Love it. Allie xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Bill Thomas 23 May 2008

Every word exactly in the right place, nothing redundant, superb crafting - & a teasing ambiguity to end with: has to be a 10!

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Elysabeth Faslund 14 July 2007

Again, this poem can be taken two ways. You had to fit a lifetime into that kiss to show him how you felt about him...or, you fit that lifetime into a kiss to tell him it was over. Conundrum. Which ever it is...masterfully done with few words.xxElysabeth

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Robert Wright 22 June 2007

I love this poem! I've read it several times because the exact wording is so vital to its incredible impact. Thanks for sharing it!

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Malini Kadir 16 June 2007

your words go straight to the heart....full of meaning...short verse said......all longings in one kiss!

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Albert Wong 04 June 2007

Isn't really a kiss starts meant for your whole life? Has kneeled down request for a marriage? Ha, ha!

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