Heart Poem by Crimson Love


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The Stylized representation,
of this hallow muscular organ,
Perplexes minds upon the brink of insanity,
The reflected image of a shape
you deem worthy to call love,
In actuality is the deformed muscle
filled with nothing but such blood,
No love abides in such a desolate place....

The mind holds love,
Not that of a deformed organ.

Jacqui Broad 02 November 2011

This is great! I'll agree on your statement - it all begins with the brain. The heart is the innocent victim that must feel the pain for another organ's stupidity. That's what my haiku heart is also about. Good poetry... :)

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Harindhar Reddy 02 November 2011

Hey youthful Missy! This is terrific poem from you. Yes everybody like the beauty of the girl physical. And people go round, round round the youthful blooms......Yup! Truth is said...... However, real love as said in the poem is always from heart and soul that mind of course. |A big high-five to the youngster!

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Lenore Lee 01 November 2011

LOL. Honey, this is hilarious and in a strange way, true. The reason people say love comes from the heart is because when you are in love it beats faster and makes you blush. Though, the reason it beats faster is because of hormones and hormones come from the brain. I love the way you took something magical and added science to it.

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Justin Gonzalez 12 January 2013

The lies of modern love.

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Akingbehin Daniel Murphy 12 January 2012

long tyme my very gud frend.by akingbehin daniel murphy

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Kim Barney 12 January 2015

True, love comes from the brain and not the heart, but calling the heart a deformed muscle is a little too much. Anyway, great poem, and congratulations on having it selected as poem of the day on January 12 for four years in a row now!

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John Richter 12 January 2015

honest thoughts..... and one after my own heart! (Pun intended.) . I told them all - never to fall - in love. For when hearts do patter - little should matter - 'cept fingers and skin - loud breaths in between. You can hide it with flowers, or romantic spring showers - the clouds or the stars - or Jupiter or Mars or beautiful oceans - or gardens or potions - birds singing along - to Cupid's love song - while all do pretend - it's emotional end I'll stand this ground - and say I have found True heart is not snuggly - but just rubbing uglies. And that's pretty good on it's own! Why the pseudonym? Unleash yourself poet.

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Lyn Paul 12 January 2014

A great write and being something that we never think about. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. It certainly won't kill romance. Congratulations

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A Waltz For Zizi 12 January 2014

The poem is good but it shows how little you know about the anatomy of the human body. Deformed organ is a horrible way to say that it cannot hold love. What makes an organ to be beautiful? Why is the brain beautiful? Why isn't the pancreas a deformed organ. Because you don't like that the shape of the heart is not like in valentines cards, it doesn't make it ugly or deformed. I personally adore the shape of the heart as it is. It is much beautiful in it's complex shape with it's arteries and veins and it's EKG.

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This deformed muscle pumping blood Is where we place our hands and swear When in love or in an emotional flood This is what we do with affection willingly bare.....

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