A Memory Lives Poem by Godfrey Morris

A Memory Lives

Rating: 4.7

These memories wander in my head

These tears of mine still lingers

Holding on to times once dear

A cloud looms high in this sky

Distasteful remedies make me cry

Unwanted discomforts hide my tries

Butterflies of sighs creeps heavily

To the stomach of unwanted good-byes

A dream, a fainted hope never to be seen again

Gone forever, rested in a sleep

Never to rise yet again

How do you say good-bye to the light of yesterday?

A light that shined so brightly

That once hid the vile of wretched earth.

These tears taint the very soil

For I have indeed lost treasure

yet cannot be retained

To the least memories still live, it speaks, it haunts

Though bones forever be constrained

Within the dust of the naked earth

Shall not those memories be permitted to live?

In someone's eyes

In someone's ears

Or even in a whisper

The words of the tongue passé as wild winds

But its truths of virtue remain eternal

For virtue is the only sword I will carry

Thus till the end will the memory live.

Copyright © 2012

Nontobeko Dlamini 24 June 2012

Emotional coherency incoporated making it flow beautifuly. So vivid and sincere. Thank you for sharing!

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Randy Hogan 27 June 2012

Thank you for the lovely read, pen comes from the heart. ~*~ Randy

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this is amazing. i enjoyed this.

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Anita Sehgal 10 June 2012

made great reading..

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 11 June 2012

you have tried to knock the heads..good try!

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Heather Wilkins 05 June 2013

a beautiful write. Memories linger long after they have left.

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Far Lapenna 07 November 2012

Words coming from the lips of a true poet! Fantastic poem

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Laurie Abc 14 August 2012

Words of a true memory, nice poem and thank you for your complement

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Faith Fimano 09 July 2012

You use your words wisely and each word goes in a steady pace, exactly were its needed.The name of your title was exactly what it needed to be.It caught my eye.And seemingly many others have agreed with me this is a great write.

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Virginia Pecho Gely 05 July 2012

Lovely and powerful. I saw the pains and the nostalgy of a lost love; but never forgotten. Merci d'avoir partagé votre genie et votre peine.

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Godfrey Morris

Godfrey Morris

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