A Necessary Light Poem by Godfrey Morris

A Necessary Light

Rating: 4.2

You a fiend a fallen being

Once basked the presence

Of heavenly glow

And yet you made

The whole world blow

That oh dear! Was an unnecessary evil

You opposed the purpose of mankind's call

And rejoiced and preluded mankinds's fall

That dear being! Was an unnecessary evil

You gave the universe sin

And ever since all the pain came in

That oh fiend! Was an unnecessary evil

I Know the night you cast

Will fade away at last

Cause one had come to make us bright

In him there beacons, everlasting light

That gave the will to fight all ills

An unnecessary evil alas eclipsed

By a necessary light.

Copyright © 2012

Terry O'leary 05 July 2012

Nice poem... I suppose that's why we have so much 'bad stuff' all around us... Terry

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Captain Cur 06 July 2012

The contrast between light, dark, good, evil of course has been done many times, but yours was novel and interesting. I enjoyed the read.

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Dave James 07 July 2012

A deep and thoughtful piece. Well done.

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Valerie Dohren 09 July 2012

The Garden of Eden state is a state of innocence, which had to be lost in order for man to progress in evolutionary terms - hopefully his evolution will carry him forward to a state of enlightenment and the return of goodness. Very good poem.

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Jeanette Telusma 05 November 2012

Awesome :) I enjoyed reading this poem, thanks.

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Alex Sarich 02 October 2012

I like this poem very much as it reminds me of all the evil we have to fight daily in our lives.

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Laurie Abc 16 August 2012

Beautiful poem.........a lot like how I feel. Almost written with the same effect of the world in one of my poems Great poem Thank you

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Markus Kwila Kitibo 12 July 2012

surely an unnecessary evil befel men but the loving father manifested his self by shining our path to redemption. Nice thoughtful piece

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Gillena Cox 10 July 2012

what makes this piece perfect is the redemption theme...In him there beacons, everlasting light

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Godfrey Morris

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