Hold On - Be Strong Poem by Godfrey Morris

Hold On - Be Strong

Rating: 4.3

There stands a tree! That dogged tree

that clings ever firmly by the raging sea

bravely it withstood a thousand wind-seizes

Yet still, it holds strong - with floated wings.

When life turns its side

and dreams take a hide

Hold on -
Be strong

When failures arrive

Keep dreams alive

Hold on -
Be strong

When facing decline

and hope clings on line

Hold on -
be strong

Surrender those tears

take strength from all fears

Be brave to the best

and firm to life's test

When great troubles draw near

cause pause, and you swear

When you put a fight

and day turns night

Hold on -
be strong

Hold on! Hold on!

As long as you can

Till no more tomorrow

to drown your old sorrow

When light fades away

and its never your day

Keep steadfast to dreams

and rise, be redeemed

Then will sunlight breaks free

from the dark cloud's vile glee

Remember you held

and strength led you well

In brief my dear friend

to you I must tend!

There's a lesson to your story

Hold on to your glory!

Copyright © 2012

Niki Nicholas Nkuna 30 June 2012

Great poem indeed, i like your style, lets keep the ship afloat

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 30 June 2012

I like to read positive poems... thank you for writing this... keep it up!

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Kallan Keogh 01 July 2012

Hey, I like your stuff, it's great. Don't stop, okay? :) ~K

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Valerie Dohren 01 July 2012

Great poem, great philosophy for life.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 02 July 2012

Energetic and inspirational poem. Well written!

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Edward Kofi Louis 08 February 2016

Hope is the key! Without giving up your dreams. Thanks for sharing.

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Allotey Abossey 04 June 2015

Very inspirational, rich in diction and excellent flow

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Mighty in motivation and incredibly inspirational. I will and must hold on after reflecting on this rich revelation!

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Uma Ram 23 March 2015

Encouraging words sir...beautiful composition

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Antonio Liao 10 July 2012

a quest of dynamic horizon of a whole Being and a beautiful sprout of dynamism...God bless 10/10

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