I Stand Poem by Godfrey Morris

I Stand

Rating: 4.2

Though hatred rages against this noble heart
With its deadly griping piercing claws
Yet will I stand to face the green-eyed beast
Standing against such infinite odds
With dogged dreams of pursued success
Unfolding before a lonesome sight
Can I fight forever?
How long must I resist?
The pressures of this hostile world, slowly taking its ugly toll
Although the sky may appear dim, with dark dusty clouds hanging
Yet I stand, venturing still with very great expectations
Never faltering to faulty condemnation
The choice is mine, my destiny firmly determined
Forever standing steadfastly, against the pain and trials of this hollowed world
Taking its blows but fighting back
Knowing freedom is one day certain
Struggles indeed, alas will bring forth worthy fruit
Once hope remains, must I forever still stand?

copyright (c) 2012

Corrina Kavea 06 July 2012

It is a hollowed and hostile world, you live in. The true tragedy is in giving up.........never give up. Interesting body of words.

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Desert Life 21 June 2012

To rise against odds, is itself victory. Excellent write.

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Dougie Fresh 19 June 2012

I really like this one...makes me think of Malcom X...We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us. Fight your fight!

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Godfrey Morris 26 August 2015

Thanks to everyone in the poem hunter family. I wrote this poem in a dark period of my life and these words gave me the inspiration to overcome.

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Sajad Meer 26 August 2015

Such piece of poetry! Came across like this after a long time. Feel different after reading this.

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Godfrey Morris 26 August 2015

Thanks for your kind words

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Alain Stanton 26 August 2015

This poem breath his passion

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Kim Barney 26 August 2015

Written with passion. Extremely well done. Congrats on having it chosen as Poem of the Day!

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Godfrey Morris 27 August 2015


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Edward Kofi Louis 26 August 2015

How long must is resist? With the muse of life at hand. Nice work.

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Godfrey Morris

Godfrey Morris

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