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On this garden
Shall I plough & plant
All the seedlings
Of my pumpkin.

The bed is a sacred desecrated altar
Its soft nature makes it vulnerable
Its short term memory brings repeated torture
Destruction of greats is masterminded in it

Mother Ochíchí,
You bare your naked breasts like nectars
To the suckling pleasure of your children
Whose helpless dehydrated throats seek succor

Flowing alone without you
Is a sickness beyond all herbs
For your presence gives energy to my being
Our confluence at Lokoja

Ụwa bú ótụ Mbia

Ekwe kụọ, ámá ágbá
Agughe ụzọ, agughe ọnu

Ala niile gbara ụwa gburugburu bu ótu
Ikwu amaghị, ibe ya ezi ya bu ije ụwa
Onweghi onye ma ebe nwanne ya si eku ume
Mmiri n' ezoro ọgaranya n' ezoro ogbenye.

We know not the date
When the drum will sound
And our breath snuffed out
Abandoning the flail flesh

As infantile bodies,
We are recruited,
With high risk training,
On mouth bombing & souls devouring.

Tree shines and blooms
Unmoved by the tides of seasons
Hence, dances in the wind
Swims in the rain & sweats under sun.

A serene wind slapped the eve
With a hilarious chatter of dusk
Returning tired bodies to their abodes
Engaged in chattering banters of the day

the world
is destroyed.
the institutions
are dead.

when hunger howls & roars like lion
throwing rocks and pebbles at sun-drenched back
flipping its razor like fangs on helpless tummies
and striking with a devouring aplomb on defenceless intestines

When the world goes round
It cricks and cracks
Upturning and scattering
Like a hungry earthquake

Tell me gently dear,
How much do the plots of land
In your heart cost?
I have these seedlings of love

In a whole wide world of bliss
An idle lonely heart seeks succour
Inwardly sobbing to a bottle of rejection
Suffered in the hands of claimed lovers

The East falls in a single swoop
The fellers are describably unknown
And their actions are felt at the barks of trees

When the head horribly bang
Ululating like a gong in the heat of dance
Drawing the veins holding the brains
Never give up, fight to live.

Ifeanyi John Nwokeabia Biography

Nwokeabia Ifeanyi John is a poet, teacher and reviewer. He hails from Nibo in Awka South Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria. He holds Nigerian Certificate in Education NCE and Bachelor of Art in Education BA.Ed, both in English.)

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Garden Of Green

On this garden
Shall I plough & plant
All the seedlings
Of my pumpkin.

I shall water it daily-
Morning, noon, night
On this bed of roses
So as to lush and blush
In her shining bloom.

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Love is an abstract noun and so, it must be felt.

When the wings of love fly so high, fly high to equate its balance, or live to rue its missed chances.

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Ifeanyi John Nwokeabia Popularity

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