*904 My Sleeping Children Poem by John Knight

*904 My Sleeping Children

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This poem is dedicated to all Parents and Potential Parents. It is written as 'Blank Verse' in pseudo Sonnet Form. Forteen lines - each an iambic hexameter (12 syllables to each line) divided into Eight Lines of statement - and an aswering Six Lines. There is no RHYME.

All Ladies are not priviledged to be Mothers
All Men are not chosen to be Fathers.
I apologise for this - but to those who are who are
So priviledged and so chosen - I pen this ode.
Sharon Joy - composed and serene even in sleep
Cherith Peace - complex - musing on a Shakespearean Sonnet
Stephen John - contented - the sleep of the innocent.
All my children safe and secure in their Dream Worlds.

Once again I'm struck by my responsibility
How great it is and how inadequate I am
For their immediate and future development.
I can open the whole World to them - or close it
They will learn from my attitude to life and love
To Friends and Family but especially to Strangers.

I can encourage them to reach out to others
Teach them xenophillia not xenophobia
I can show them respect for themselves and others
I can demonstrate open mindedness - thereby
Teaching them not to be prejudiced against others.
I can teach them to be Firm - Fair and Friendly
In all situations - more giving than taking
Sharing and caring in a very selfish World.

I can demonstrate self-discipline in everything
Eating - Drinking - Relationaships - Entertainment
We all live in a hedonistic society
But our own home envoronment - can be different.
More empathetic - more understanding and more
Spiritual. We must always provide space for GOD.

I am very aware that i can't do this on my own
And if i'm honest - and speaking as a mere Man
Eighty percent of the virtues I've mentioned
Are taught by the Mother and not by the Father!
Twenty percent of family related duties
Is still a good input for a Modern Father
I leave home at seven and work very very hard
Then get home early for 'Quality Time' before bed.

I also need you GOD - because I am your Child.
And you are my perfect Father - Teaching me Love
And Responsibility - and showing me through
Your Word - common sense about Myself - my Family
My Friends and my Community- but especially
My Responsibility - to My Sleeping Children.

(John Knight - Freezing Colcester - 4 January 2010)

Dr.subhendu Kar 04 January 2010

For their immediate and future development. I can open the whole World to them - or close it They will learn from my attitude to life and love To Friends and Family but especially to Strangers.................... humanity parades by eloquence of greatness heart when conquers the whole universe, .......yet we need that parents who can clone another offspring of desired characteristics to cater to the needs of global society at the altar of resplendence by humanity, as a man is known by his descend as true inheritor to this world, and it is true that parents are simply cause of human development in the midst of eternal flow of human evolution on this earth yet we need space for God within, off course with learning and education bracing up, great humanistic poetry i would bespeak of, , hats off to your glaze of psychic belonging that i do adore and admire, yet a piece of unique genre we constantly in endeavor, the quest yet not deciphered, most ingenious write,10++++++, thanks for sharing

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Yulissa Fregoso 06 January 2010


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masked lady 06 January 2010

John, How shall I describe this poem? Again, it is one of the Bests poems i've ever read. I love poems about parents, especially if its about mothers. I agree,80% of a person's values come from the mother. Mothers need not talk nor preach to teach, they just act what they want their children to learn. I, too, have children and i teach them by example. Thank you for inviting me to read this one-of-the-best poem. GOD BLESS!

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Fay Slimm 07 January 2010

This verse speaks for what most parents would like for their children, and John you have reached the heart of the matter in including the need for God's guidance in achieving any parenting goals. Encouraging prose. Greetings from Fay.

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Maria C. Pires Costa 05 February 2010

We think this is a very educational message to all parents. We have appreciated the values conveyed by your lines like responsibility, courage, discipline, and much love!

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Ivette T 10 January 2010

This shows the true meaning of what being a parent, it is for those who have the privalage to be one, if you do don't reject the chance, don't reject the precious gift.

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Marieta Maglas 07 January 2010

And you are my perfect Father - Teaching me Love wonderful reflective poem, John 10/10

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Sandra Fowler 07 January 2010

A standard of excellence by which all worthy fathers might measure themselves.I like your title, The imagery of being watched over is very comforting.10, for you. Kindly, Sandra

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 07 January 2010

Very wise poem…xenophobia is a cleavage xenophilia is lifting leverage [Vasudaiva Kutambakam –Veda, Universe Is Our Kin] In Bible Father Concept is dominant but in India Mother concept in religion / spirituality have been given highest honor and place. Mother is the Golden Key Holder to open the Door Gate to Bliss / Eternity / Immortality by detoxing Delusion. Thanks Sir for presenting such a thoughtful poem. Ms. Nivedita UK

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John Knight

John Knight

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