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Tears the mind can't tell are true,
Pain the heart can't share.
Anger wrapped up in deceit,
It's more than I can bear.

I Loved It When...

I love the way you look at me,
I love the way you smile.
I love the way you lean on me,
For just a little while.

To My 'Loving' Parents...

I’m sorry you don’t love me,
I’m sorry you don’t care.
I tried so hard to please you,
But you were never there.


All alone
(I’ve been betrayed)
Wrapped in fear
(Shouldn’t have stayed)


You acted true,
Like you really cared,
You were there for me,
When I was scared.

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Gina PrettyBrownEyes 06 February 2005

i really like your attitude, you remind me of one of my 'gothic' friends. im against stereotypes too. i love your poems, your style is amazing. keep fighting those stereotypes! HAPPY BUNNY ROCKS ;)

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Heyla all, i'm 17 and a senior in highschool. I'm one of those weird, out there kids who everyone looks at and goes 'Oh my god, look at her... What is wrong with her? ' I'm what most would label as 'gothic', and yea i guess i'm a little stereotypical, seeming as how writing peotry is a stereotypical attribute of 'goths'. But me, i'm not into lab ...

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