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Nothing much to say about me.
I was trying too be something but time and situation has pushed me here.

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Presence In Absence!

A Lovely Love.

Standing few yards,
Away from her gate.
In a foggy morning,
Waiting for her wait.


Silence Speaks!

When I got tired of explaining
My innocence; With all my
Words; And all my sense.

Perhaps I Love You.

Life grows
Love flows
We are boundless.

Dheeraj Quotes

22 October 2017

Never try to make your life beautiful by adding strong and influential peoples.Walk alone always-you'll definitely reach your destination.

22 October 2017

Don't let any one drive your ways.Be the driver of your own life.

28 October 2017

It's better to be truly hated than to be fakely loved.

07 February 2018

Loneliness is togeatherness.

07 February 2018

Sadness in life is far better than over happiness because in former situation you always walk on constructive path but in later one you may go towards destructive one.

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