lady grace Poems

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A Simple Journey

oh how sweet are the words from your lips
the words full of hope and promises
oh how sweet to hear those whispers
whispers with jokes and naughty phrase...

A Simple Wish

oh...masters of the sky
i am a goddess who waits
a lady who speaks
ambassadress of friendship...

The Wedding

i wake up early dawn
to witness the changes in sky
from darkness to morn
for a new bride tonight..

A Simple Promise

the life of my soul is you
and the breath that i take...

as we walk the aisle of joy

A Beautiful Journey

perhaps tonight is the end of dreams
end the lies of your perception
perhaps tomorrow starts a new story
passionately cared...regardless of theory...


a love like ours sparks and glares
like the stars cling in the sky
like the moon way up there
spread its daring dazzling light...

A Curse From An Angel

oh heaven above
forgive this man who takes me down
he doesn't feel the pain inside
nor to see the aching heart...

A Baby Angel

can't stop the flowing water
from mountains high
dropp to the depth of wisdom
down to the deepest ocean..

The Eyes Of Love

beauty of the ocean had gone by
wind swiped it dreadfully
nothing was there under the sea bed
only memories left on my head.


if there were no words to speak
there were no lines to write
no smile from her lips
too much burden inside...

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