A Simple Wish Poem by lady grace

A Simple Wish

Rating: 4.6

oh...masters of the sky
i am a goddess who waits
a lady who speaks
ambassadress of friendship...

oh...lady of love
bless me the innocence
the truth to be heard
by those hopeless hearts...

oh...princess of the ocean
this is my first poem
bless me from this poetry
to be as lovely as pearls...

oh...king of the jungle
give me your sweet smile
guard my words
and check my errors...

oh..prince of the universe
love me as you love them
let your tongue be the swords against enemy
and your wisdom be the food of my soul...

oh...poets of this kingdom
spare me your comments
leave it with all your love
thanks a lot to everybody...

Aziz Alkaabi 09 June 2009

I think this a very creative poem. It brought a smile on my face.

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Caitlyn Bauer 09 June 2009

Beautiful poem! I liked it alot.. Your a very good poet. I hope some of your grace, class, knowledge, rubs off on me :) Good job!

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Muhammad Ali 09 June 2009

this one is simply a very nice poem friend! 10.. Ali

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This is a wonderful poem for a first one. It reaches out to embrace so much and so many. Good luck with all your work Lady Grace. 10 Karin Anderson

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Gert Strydom 12 June 2009

What a really great poem.

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Anita Soltumnok 20 September 2017

So beautifully written captures once soul left me longing for more...

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Elena Sandu 05 April 2010

I am not a poet..but I love you! ! the way you write.. your poems are flooded with love, thank you for this sip.. made me almost dizzy..

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 14 August 2009

it is grace to everybody and they should accede to your request. the best way to approach through poems.....10 read mine simple desire.....miss i miss u//what i seek

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Howard Kern 19 June 2009

sweet Lady Grace, you call apon some awsome souls. I am a mere mortel poet that will help the love flow. You have done more than you know

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Angelica Ayman 16 June 2009

i loved ur poem very very much a very nice one ur really talented! ! ! keep writig we wants more.........angelica

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