The Eyes Of Love Poem by lady grace

The Eyes Of Love

Rating: 4.8

beauty of the ocean had gone by
wind swiped it dreadfully
nothing was there under the sea bed
only memories left on my head.

on the mountainous side, , , found a loving heart
cared my lost soul....gave his loving hand
motionless, speechless with an empty mind
healed the lost magnificient start...

his eyes never wink
nor give a chance to remark
his arms never wait
always ready to restart...

i found him in an empty shell
who laid and rest for awhile
he wore nothing on his lips
except a beautiful smile...

'come... come with me little darling
let's share this place where i stay
i have no treasure to give for you
i'm a beggar, nothing i can promise'...

as i step back..i realized...i don't need jewels
i don't need those beautiful vases
i only need a rose from a hand full of corn
a rose given to me filled with love by his own..

the man i loved never had a treasure in him
nor a big house where he can stay
he has nothing inside his shell
except a true heart he gave to me..

happiness can't be bought with bills
nor can't be a subject for business
love is not a product for sale
only true hearts can make it real..

Stevens Cadet 19 June 2009

This is a good poem. I like the theme behind it but the only thing i would say is the rhythm seems off at times but still a good poem.

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Hana Behrs 19 June 2009

I really like this one, keep writing :)

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Howard Kern 18 June 2009

Quads have been very good to you very nice this is a good one! ! ! Thanks for sharing have a blessed day howard

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Rafique Farooqi 16 June 2009

love is prosperious in it`s worth, wayward winds of time wipe it`s glories, what so ever, the stability of fragile love lies in the fist of loving hearts

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Noel Horlanda 16 June 2009

a profoundly written, a true dedication to a beloved. Nothing negative on this piece of work, lines are in deep thoughts, full of emotions and wisely said. However, what I believe that the eyes of love couldn't see, it's blind, isn't it? Thanks

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Obinna Eruchie 07 September 2009

She has found true love in the eyes of love, despite his financial status-for 'money cannot buy love'. Nice one.

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a new set of eyes you created for me as love in this sense I now look in at a new perspective now great work well done 10/10

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Angelica Ayman 21 June 2009

i love that poem it's really good! ! ! 10+++ hope to see more best regards

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 20 June 2009

a naive love poem. shan

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Howard Kern 19 June 2009

wow! ! ! I beleive you have hir the nail square on the head, and drove it home with just one blow. Exelent10++ keep on sharing lady Grace

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