Departure Poem by lady grace


Rating: 4.7

a love like ours sparks and glares
like the stars cling in the sky
like the moon way up there
spread its daring dazzling light...

a love like ours will never end
it flows in the river of nile
like kisses the shore
sleeps in the ocean for a while..

the love of my life is only you
no other man owned my heart
together we long for a blessing
together we build a simple stride...

in your solitude i was always there
i came even in the middle of the night
your hugs warmth my day
as you turned off all the lights...

strong winds wipe the tears
silence hide the claws of death
as we walk the aisle of love
take a vow from judgemental eyes...

the tender kisses that we had
bring tears to our eyes
no marks of uncontentment
in our hearts full of sacrifice

as i say these words again and again
our love will stay until the next page of our life
it always be as same as yesterday
the love like a sun giving light...

as i glance the last march of your journey
it kills every strands of my life
''truths..lies and all come what may''
will only live in your wife...

Muhammad Ali 17 June 2009

love is beautiful love is hhonest love is simple..........! ! and so this poem is.... lovely! ! 10..

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Aijaz Asif 17 June 2009

wow, that one is different from the one you wrote earlier and still you are very good in creating master pieces and you did it again with writing this master piece with so much love floating in the lines, thanks for sharing...many 10'ssss humbly from me rgds asif

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'our love will stay until the next page of our life'...... Nice .....why not endless pages of our life....? ..... as love is ever flowing ... .... a nimble journey to .....Eternity.. ... finally ILYP [I Love Your Poetry]... a 10++ dr. sakti 17.06.09.

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Kristina B; Williams 17 June 2009

read your poem departure, it kept me n my sese of being in pure enrapture.absolutlety beautiful..excellent way of writing and expressions...10s i got 3 new 1s, short n if you can be so kind and find the time, i trully would appreciate it..mine r, perfect, im not supposed too, and sometimes i wonde

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Deedee ceecee 18 June 2009

Very romantic and beautiful with alot of emotions and's really cute and sweet..I really hope you and the person you love will be very happy...if you can put that much feeling into a poem for him, he must feel really special

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Shalini Sundararamalingam 14 September 2009

this is a veryyyyy lovelyyyyyy poem.. i love it.. so true love flowing like river.. i can feel the truth behind words and am really very sure that you have written it with great feel and from deep down your heart

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Obinna Eruchie 07 September 2009

Your times wonderful with him has departed with his death, but your love never ending for him lives in your heart. A tender poem.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 17 August 2009

''truths..lies and all come what may'' will only live in memory to your wife... yes truth is always biiter andnot easy to forget tooo. it remains inour memory for a long.very good piece of poetry......10 read mine old memory lane.. innocence regained..never say die....

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Jasper Pane 27 July 2009

You my dear lady have painted a portrait of 'parting is such sweet sorrow.: So it is the portrait you have painted and the words you have spoken will live in the hearts and minds of those that read them. A great piece. Truly!

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Fernando Lachica 05 July 2009

You have talent in poetry, madam! I like this piece, very soothing when reading this poem. Great!

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