Silence Poem by lady grace


Rating: 4.9

if there were no words to speak
there were no lines to write
no smile from her lips
too much burden inside...

she runs until the midnight sun
never go back to where she belongs
life under the heat of his love
keeps her warm... keeps her moving on...

is the moment between everyone
the best friend we have in this world
the reason to live a life
the reason for us to survive...

© 2009 lady grace (All rights reserved)

Rajaram Ramachandran 26 June 2009

In silence only one can think deeply. It is very diffucult to keep silence for one who has the habit of talking always.

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The Dreamer 26 June 2009

sweet smile on her lips HE knows.....she is still alive - very nice dear lady Grace

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Alf Hutchison 26 June 2009

If only more people were silent and listened more attentively... Nice write regards Alf

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tom mc quade 26 June 2009

still waters run deep...silence is love's most eloquent this poem..thanks

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Ken E Hall 27 June 2009

silence is golden so is your poem..loved it, , , , , +++10 regards uavanice1

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 19 August 2009

if there were no words to speak there were no lines to write no smile from her lips too much burd............. silence is best friend.... very good short and sweet.....10 read mine silence please..

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Siddartha Montik 25 July 2009

Wonderful write about 'Silence'.. the very silence..! wonderfully penned! from the words 'silence is the best friend between us', awesome expression! ..for silence only allows us to contmplate and better our friendships and find reasons.. for life! .. surely silence is what can make us thrive in life in a way! Thank you that this expression gave me a new thought!

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Indira Renganathan 05 July 2009

Silence means a silent acknowledgement....well said10++

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Luwi Habte 04 July 2009

oh gurl, this is a nice poem well done! fine at all luwi

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Lynda Robson 01 July 2009

sometimes there is no need for words, great poem, 10 Lynda xx

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