Writers Block Poem by Linda I. Weischedel

Writers Block

Rating: 3.9

Any other time,
I have all the words to rhyme,
now I am stuck with a writers block.

Louie -Love & Peace- Levy 12 December 2009

Dear poet friend, Linda... When I fooled with a rhyme to impress and meet a single 60's hip girl my rhyming flowed freely to my amazement. That was because I sought the 'Love' that was searching also. Great poems are words that are felt without distraction. I have just read some of your numerous poetry. Selecting titles that would clue to your inner profile. I chose this one as being the most important since I can relate and freed myself of my own composure. Life is no rhyme nor definable reason. You have managed to reach great depth and express as if it were a melody to be heard and shared. Remember, which poem of mine that you had selected to comment on? It was 'Feelings Wanted' which I wrote for myself 25 years ago after a divorce. You were the only reply to a poem never before made public.Your reply was kindred of heart and most consoling. There are times when we are 'Pathed' to write and express from wherever it may emotionally root. Prose is like talking to your 'self', of wishing it were heard by another, others. On the contrary, It was you who 'Struck' the source that needed to fill your quill with feeling and guide your hand as you've never thought possible. I admire that you're being open, honest and revealing of your lovingly shared Bio and smiling portrait. Beauty reflects from within and shared with everyone. Even the person whom you smiled for behind the camera lens. Please pay thoughtful mind to readers that suggest that you change what you had written. Only you will decide, and decide will almost never have you write it differently. Read my 'Critique and Prejudice' poem. I wrote that when upset at a highly accredited English teacher online.. Oh yeah, poetry can also strike out with Love & Peace. I love all that I've read so far of your heartfelt endeavors. Hopefully, we will read together for an audience in sone quaint, charming cafe'. Holiday Cheers and may Love and Peace be Victor over evil war. Hugs to All, ....louie

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Donna Elouise James 13 May 2009

I had a spell of writers block, and decided to read some of my favourate poets poems to get some insperation, and I came across this. Three lines, few words.....simplicity is genious. I love your poems Linda.

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Meggie Gultiano 01 February 2008

Me, too, Linda..so don't fret..ha ha

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Andrew Blakemore 28 January 2008

Hey Linda, we've all been there! Andrew x

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