I Don'T Care Poem by Little Sunshine

I Don'T Care

Rating: 4.7

Everything you have taught me
Everything you showed me
Everything you tried to provide for me
Everything you have proved to me
Everything that you told me
I still think about them between now and then
I know how important they are to me
My baby you are the one I wanna live the rest of my life with
My dear you are my lonely sweet heart
You are my love till the end
I don’t care how many miles are between us
I don’t care about our backgrounds
I don’t care where we have come from
All I know is I am in love with the star
That I could never be able to reach it
I am in love with the sea if I try to be with I will sink in it
I am in love with the flower I cannot smell it till the end of time
But I don’t care about these too
I just know that I could never be able to forget about you
Or I don’t wanna forget about you
You mean the whole world to me
Coz you are my everything
You are all I want, all I need and all I love

October 3,2008

Andrew mark Wilkinson 04 October 2008

Hataw, this a wonderful expression of love, the love we hold does not always come true but we love and there is nothing we can do... Andrew 10

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Hana K 04 October 2008

at first i didnt think that this's love poem... nice poem, keep writing! !

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Yasser Koor 06 October 2008

everything you have in this poem is great. it is really grate poeme i like this kind of poem., ., someone love everything in the world cuz this person mean to the lover everything lovely poem full of lovely meaning well-done

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Hazem Al Jaber 04 October 2008

this is what we call and what we all know..this is a love which we all need.. amazing what you penned my dear sweet girl..

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C T Heart 04 October 2008

lovely and sweet expression of being in love... nice read.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 27 December 2015

Wonderfully penned poem with a flow of emotions. Thanks for sharing.10 points.

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Manonton Dalan 27 December 2015

nice poem ///////////////////

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Kuji Soliman 25 October 2009

Lovely poem....i really loved it very much.

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Coz you are my everything You are all I want, all I need and all I love ---> you're a fish in his sea a deep love! an emotional poem full of lovely feelings...

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Muhammad Ali 14 February 2009

yes. sometimes it seems nothing else is here except her/him. great love poem written friend hum nay daikha hai kyi aisay khudaaon ko yahaan saamnay jin kay wo sach much ka khuda, kuchh bhi nahin various dimensions

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