Memory Poems: 93 / 500

0123 A Grave Judgment

Rating: 2.9

Sometimes sentiment sublates the stark cold truth
On gravestones, memory's mourning heart to soften;
This stony judgement I'd carve for myself:
'He loved not wisely - but he loved quite often.'

Laura Cummings 02 March 2005

this poem is beautiful in its short and to the point explanation, good works.

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Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 21 February 2005

good stuff here, Shep! i think the same thing could be said for just about all of us, ha ha ha. Jake

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dissatified exmember 20 February 2005

Tch...what a common feeling that is. Loved far from wisely and loved far toooooo often in my life. Best love I found was for myself. in 1988. Since then I give love of a different kind to my children alone. The single life is far safer. Hugs Jan

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Rusty Daily 20 February 2005

I love it when a poet says volumes with only a handful of words. Rusty

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Lare Austin 20 February 2005

Ahh, Michael...the perpetual simplicity in basic truth...nicely done... Lare

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Duncan Wyllie 05 February 2006

short and very profound great philosophy.Love Duncan

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Beautiful the way you put philosophy into a few lines. I liked it. :)

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James Atkins 07 March 2005

To be able to write so much in only a few lines is something I aspire to - very well done indeed.

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Christine Magee 06 March 2005

Very succinct and so beautiful...

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Kristin E. Johnson 04 March 2005

Nice, nice, nice. Excellent. To say more would trivialize what you have accomplished here.

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