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[02] Cruel Time

Rating: 4.8

What's happening or to be happened
On the other bank of the river?

Is there any modest bonsai well and good-
Any ribbon to connect far and near?
Occurrence is loosing its phenomenon
Magic can't peeps through eye sights!

Scorching sunny day rolling on dusts
Moon-less night sits on insomniac grill

Dark-blue grief walks on a rope-way
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Sarwar Chowdhury 27 August 2008

'Time is walking on the cool wave' wow! amazing! ........10

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Greenwolfe 1962 19 August 2008

I cannot recommernd this writing, but I did give it a 7, which is my highest non recommendation score. The writing is quiite good in fact. The problem is the purpose of the writing and the meaning of the lines. I cannot understand either. GW62

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Marieta Maglas 09 June 2009

A wonderful poem with well expressed epithets like ''cruel time'' and cognitive metaphors like: ''Time is walking on the cool wave'', used to highlight the transformation of nature under the action of time......I like it very much... so there is my little 10++ for this great poem...

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Miriam Maia Padua 21 May 2009

flowing with depth.... as what Palas said..'i can feel but cant express' and i too cant express the impact it brings to me, my thoughts into words this piece is great...very elegant...meaningful 10++++

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O.S. Brooks 02 October 2008

Nice work! I enjoy reading you.

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Wandering Scarlet 20 September 2008

very deep....i cant really comprehend this though lol hopefully you would describe the thoughts you are conveying in this poem?

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Anna jonson 14 September 2008

what should i say? ? ? ? ? ? ? what a poem this is? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? keep going

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