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[02] Clean Mind

Rating: 5.0

Don't try to hurt
Bullet-proof mind that puts on iron-curtain
Bayonet-sentences will fall back.

I don't like cloudy face
This is not the season of chrysanthemums
Rainy-ixora is red and red.

Revenge returns like boomerang
Slice and share thoughts

Vinegar nourishes pickles well.
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rago rago 16 May 2009

to clean mind............last lines really provoked to think......... you have penned well............see my 10 ***

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Subroto Chatterjee 05 May 2009

I think your stint at the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation has given you sufficient fodder for your amazing poems.. Case in point are the names of various flora/fauna mentioned by you... Cheers. Subroto

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Antonio Liao 26 April 2009

in a world of superficiality, all looks like something the mind can't see yet! so real that everybody wants to close their eyes, and don't like to feel of what is today....such a poem that target the truth of what is going back to the beginning of seeing the world as it exist.... what beautiful poem, that should be read to all mankind...thank you and God bless....a 10++++++

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Xxx Xxx 27 September 2008

revenge is seldom the end, clean mind, clean body, soap was invented for both i guess thanks A

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Mamta Agarwal 27 September 2008

besides the message of the poem, i am totally fascinated with the images, as varied as bullets, red ixora(flowering in my garden) . a brilliant composition, a hidden gem i discovered today. fascinating 10++

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Priyanka Bhowmick 18 June 2009

a butiful msg.. lets clean mind wid organic facials... lovely...10++

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Howard Kern 17 June 2009

You have been truely blessed! ! ! Keep that bullet-poof mind behind your iron-curtin! ! ! A clear mind comes to me with my morning meditation. It is the only way to recharge my gift that flows to the page effortlessly! very nice write 10+++

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let us clean our mind.. that should be message loud n clear... beautiful...10

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Jasmin Whyte 01 June 2009

Some sage advice here, like that revenge boomerangs back. That's some insight!

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Miriam Maia Padua 18 May 2009

a great piece... conveys a great meaning... thoughts' provoking...as always thanks for sharing, Sir 10++

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