(035) Democracy Poem by premji premji

(035) Democracy

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We are
The largest democracy:
Sad, Simple Demo-crazy!

Kesav Easwaran 01 July 2008

yes...only 'crazy' politics...and hypocritical 'demo'nstrations...meaningful three liner

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Samanwaya Njaaneya 02 July 2008

its 4 the mejority by the mejority.....through the mejority

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Sandra Fowler 02 July 2008

A small bit of satire. Very interesting indeed! Kindest regards, Sandra

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Rema Prasanna 12 July 2008

Demi gods (politicians) of Democracy made largest democracy as demo crazy. good write.. Rema

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Mamta Agarwal 29 July 2008

you hit the nail on the head. but i think we get what we deserve, as especially in north India, hardly anybody from the educated class goes to vote, they just sit and criticise from thei rocking chairs. Mamta

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Catrina Heart 22 June 2009

Well democracy is great if only the politicians wouldn't take advantage of their political power. And citizens would be responsible enough to the courses of their acions for each and every one of us has our own reponsibility to take care of ourselves, others and the environment we are all living in....without this democracy is nothing for it is made by the people, for the people and to the people. Well written poem.

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Reshma Ramesh 26 May 2009

good one...............................

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Martine Kolber 13 March 2009

I think we share the same opinion! Good write! Take care, Martine

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Sandhya S N 10 March 2009

It is true.... Sandhya

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Chitra - 30 January 2009

yes so very true..Demo -ns are ruling

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