(098) Why Birds Extinct? Poem by premji premji

(098) Why Birds Extinct?

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Everyone loves Edison
for his inventions genuine
But sad, I have to say you,
he is the father of light pollution!

Light, you may think: it's alright
But, it is also a silent killer
Everything unnatural is a killer:
the unwritten law of God!

Your mind is the temple of Soul,
enlighten with your innerlight
O Divinities, you are that...
You are that inner-light...never fading!

Artificial light is the simplest of all reasons
why birds extinct,
why lifespan of humakind reduce,
why eyesight reduce so fast!


Anjali Sinha 20 November 2008

wow ---- a beautiful write! ! ! ! ! indeed a great EYE OPENER (my eyesight wont reduce after reading yours) LOL A+ and 10+ anju

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Kesav Easwaran 20 November 2008

Artificial light- most part of it- is not good for any living body...I agree...but, Premji, extinction is a phenomenon, true by creation...we only accelerate the process through our wrong deeds...thanks for beautifully inviting the attention of the readers to a subject unreachable by many...10

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Pandian Angelina 23 May 2009

Prem, There are no Sparrows to be found In Chennai now, their twitter Their sidelong gaze into our face As they peck at the broken rice Stories I tell my child - She doesn't Remember seeing one They say it is the transmission From the cellphone towers That chased them off our skies! As I write my sister read this She is a French Lecturer from Tiruppur A pair of Sparrows have been visiting Her home of late, she says, 'There may be Hope, To both of you (us) '! Angel

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Vaibhav Pandey 12 March 2009

very thought provoking piece sir....I never thought this way..10

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 29 December 2008

Oh outer artificial light you don't show the way but dazzle and blind the god given sight................. Good Work.......

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Sathyanarayana M V S 24 November 2008

As Mamataji said, this is really a great enlightenment. Informative. Thought provoking........Now I started thinking whether all that is artificial is harmful to living being.....terrific................10++++++++++++++++

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Mamta Agarwal 23 November 2008

enlightenment, not just light to dispel darkness, so the eye can see. we need to see with our soul. price of progress, someone pays a price, here the unnatural extinction of birds. FOOD FOR THOUGHT. 10 MAMTA

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premji premji

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