127. Give Me Not A Rose On Valentine's Day Poem by Jaden Knight

127. Give Me Not A Rose On Valentine's Day

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Give me not a rose on Valentine's Day
nor lilies daisies or tulips
do not sent me carnations
nor orchids of any kind
flowers wilt wither and die
their glory only lasts a while

Post me no Lindor for that day
no Malteasers truffles or mints
Cadbury and Thorntons are all very well
but chocolates only last so long
and are easily ruined when they melt

Get me not a ring for that time of year
or jewellery of any kind
gold and silver have their place
but can be easily tarnished by time

You may think that I'm a fusspot
for not wanting any present
but my desire is simple
the gift I want you to give me
is one you can never go out and buy
one that won't melt tarnish or die

Give me your love on Valentine's day
your trust faith and hope
not just for one day but the entire year
and as long as you stay true to me
I will give you mine for eternity

Thursday, March 20, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Pradip Chattopadhyay 20 March 2014

This is such a wonderful poem!

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Colleen Courtney 20 March 2014

So heartfelt and beautiful! Love this one!

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Roseann Shawiak 23 March 2014

Great sensitive love poem, fantastic rendition of what you want in life from love. A true blessing, John. RoseAnn

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Hannah Kelly 05 May 2014

This is so lovely. Simplistic and true!

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Bri Edwards 23 April 2014

DESPITE the fact that this IS a love poem, of sorts, i have sent it to MyPoemList. i would read another one tonight but i am commanded to bed. good night. :) bri

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Bri Edwards 23 April 2014

well, john, i just glanced at some of the comments below, and, though i don't get attracted to love poems, i shall read this one anyway. i was attracted to the title. :) well, the poem is sweet. i wonder if i could/would write such a sweet poem; i lean towards humor/humour. 3/5 of those who have commented are women, not counting me. i guess i even the score! the gift I want you to give me is one you can never go out and buy one that won’t melt tarnish or die....................that is a heavy gift to wish for. i like these lines, especially, for both the meaning and for the rhyming. unfortunately, as you allude to in the last stanza, love CAN die, or at least get tarnished! i hope you, or whoever you write for, gets his/her wish. wouldn't it be nice if we all did! ? thanks for sharing. bri :)

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Susy Evelyne 28 March 2014

Beautiful and from the heart. A lovely poem, John.

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V P Mahur 28 March 2014

dear john, The glory of love is incomparable. Thanks for your comments on my poem.

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