A Cage! Poem by Geetha Jayakumar

A Cage!

Rating: 4.8

I am captivated inside a cage.
It's a cage of darkness.
It's like a black cloud covering all over me.
Its so dark, I cannot see myself.
I don't know where I am lost.
I was never like this before.
I couldn't realize,
Why this happened?
How this happened?
Its so gloomy inside.
There is no one who could see me.
Nor I can see anyone.
Who will free me from this cage?

I wondered did I captivate myself,
or anyone trapped me inside this cage?

If I remain on this cage for long,
No one will ask for me!
Even if I die on this cage also,
Beloved ones will offer condolences and
of course they will always remember me.
World will move on like before.
My presence or absence,
Doesn't make any difference.
Because its law of nature.
Even they have to survive
So they cannot just sit aside.

Life keeps on offering challenges.
Which will never allow us to sit in one place even for few seconds.
It will make us run without a break.

Our Beloved ones have died but we are also moving with the world!
This is the fact of life, which no one can change.
Life is only one!
We have to accept everything as it is!
We cannot swim against tides, but can go on with the flow!

This is the Teachings of life!
Is it......Our Life or our Thoughts inside a Cage?

© 2014.

Geetha Jayakumar.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: pain
Heather Wilkins 01 August 2013

a good write inside a cage enjoyed

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Subbaraman N V 21 August 2013

If every one realises this truth of life, he can be in peace and bliss. A good write. Man is born free but ever in chains!

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Jay Gandhi 23 January 2014

Its so dark, I cannot see myself. As such also you will not be able to see yourself without mirror. I guess your poem will work without that line also If I remain IN this cage for long, Even if I die IN this cage also, Somewhere your poem takes a detour from the cage to some other place altogether which you try to tag it at end.... Not sure if you want that break... Liked the poem though

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Amitava Sur 28 January 2014

Human life is like that only - full of stumbling blocks and chains Even if you like to come out of it - you'll be dragged and pulled in....... very right Geetha

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Ken E Hall 30 January 2014

A reality check, life is what you make it...yes that cage is there...only sometimes someone else has the key...thought provoking poem indeed.great, regards

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Kumarmani Mahakul 06 September 2017

It is a beautiful poem on life and pain having stunning expression and nice collocation. Enjoyed reading it. I like the most line is... We cannot swim against tides, but can go on with the flow! Thank u dear madam for posting such a gem.

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Anandh Kumar 01 August 2016

Beautifully written poem..Geetha ji.....Life is well explained in this. Thanks for sharing.

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Bernard Snyder 29 March 2016

Well done geetha. And it is so very true. Great observation about life!

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Nic poem....10 Smile is for deception too In relation When you want to cheat dear ones And still claim the near ones

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Uma Ram 09 April 2015

Toooooooooo good mam. Feeling same...FELT IT MAM...BEAUTIFUL. KEEP WRITING MAM. Your an inspiration for women like me. Thanks for sharing.

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