A Caravan Of Thoughts (Part 2) Poem by Hira Akhtar

A Caravan Of Thoughts (Part 2)

Golden light of the Sun heralded another beautiful day
When I met a man coming from Makkah, on my way

Impatiently, I wished his feelings to be portrayed in words
Endeavouring to set free my curiosity birds

He revealed, "When I was going round the Ka'aba, I felt myself as the puppet of desires and the "Ka'aba" as an axis of Allah's will, my 'tawaf' wouldn't have completed if my desires had not moulded according to the axis of Allah's will"

"What about Safa and Marwa"? , my inquisitiveness mingled with tranquility.

He continued, "Walking between Safa and Marwa, I searched for the water of Allah's blessings to quench the thirst of getting Allah's will"

I was spell-bound, "Getting Allah's will is what actually love is! "

As the day passed, night wore a black veil
For the stars, waiting to hail

I was sitting with my back against the wall of a mud house
Eyes closed, swinging on the swing of my own doubts

My eyes opened suddenly, as I heard sobbing sounds of anguish
Overwhelmed by sleep, closed my eyes again, waiting for the whimper to vanish

When beseechment became intense, some words started crossing the barriers of my ears
"Oh Almighty Allah! Make her mine, "with falling tears.

"Make her mine in a way You want two lovers to be"
Make me the reason she falls in love with You more, I plea.

"Let us drag each other towards the infinity of Your love, O Allah"
"Let the moment be blessed, when I see her, and it reminds me you, O Allah!

"Make me among those, who protect and lower their gaze,
My sinful eyes saw her once, all is Yours, praise"

I got goosebumps when heard him pray
Never saw someone talking to Allah in this purest way

"Didn't it reveal on you, what love for this lover is? ", I questioned myself.
I nodded and kept the answer in my heart's shelf

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love
-I didn't want to really pen down my talk to Allah, but since I'm writing a poem about "love" so I had to jot down what I feel about it, and whatever I've written is how I felt when I recently went for "umrah"!
Bri Edwards 05 July 2018

(cont.) ...i don't follow things so well, [but well enough] due in part to lack of knowledge of your religion/customs/names, & I DON'T went to spend too much time here; supper soon! to MyPoemList. thanks for sharing. i read part 1 also, of course. bri :) . thanks for Poet's Notes.

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Bri Edwards 05 July 2018

(cont.) ..But, Hira, there are quite a few lovely poetic descriptions which i enjoyed: 1- curiosity birds 2 - wore a black veil 3- swinging on the swing of my own doubts 4- infinity of Your love 5- my heart's shelf & i like goosebumps; i haven't heard that word in a long time! (cont.) ..

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Bri Edwards 05 July 2018

(cont.) .. reminds me you, O Allah! ....i'd put of in front of you. :) & when heard him pray....i'd put I in front of heard. last stanza: i'd use reveal to you and i'd use on my heart's shelf. (cont.) ..

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Bri Edwards 05 July 2018

HAIL...i guess you mean (verb) salute, greet, but there are other definitions, including a noun meaning: pellets of frozen rain that fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds. OR a large number of objects hurled forcefully through the air, .and hale sounds the same, but is entirely different. do you get frozen rain where 'you were traveling' in the poem? (cont.) ..

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Hans Vr 03 July 2018

When we allow our soul and heart and mind to talk and listen to our Creator, religion takes on a wonderful dimension. Even though the needs of our soul and the desire of our bodies tend to pull often in different directions, with lots of sincerity and a tough conscience, the two can often coexist in harmony. Listen to your heart, was the advice of grandmother Willow to Pocahontas. Very interesting, well written poem

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Hira Akhtar 03 July 2018

Yes! with lots of sincerity, they can coexist! Thank you so much, Sir for taking out your time and reading this 😊

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