Life Poem by Mohammad Muzzammil


Rating: 4.7

Tears are hidden behind smile,

Among the thorns a laughing rose,

Or holy dew that exists for a while,

Like struggling stars our hopes in pathos,

But the thing that increases my pleasure,

The uncertainty and unknown treasure.

Mohammad Akmal Nazir 02 July 2011

It was a marvellous poem written with great skill and wisdom. Great imagery and a fine style. Liked and rated it 10. Thanks for sharing..... Kindly read and rate my poem 'Abortion' on page 4.

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Ibrahym Oba 06 July 2011

Nice poem, very good but its meant for poets.Thanks

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Malaya Roses 04 July 2011

Reach the point of pleasure and contention within affirmative decision and notion. Nice poem.

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Spiritual Seeker 02 July 2011

Really love reading this such few lines, you have expressed the heart's feeling...wonderful..I give a great 10

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Luvo Mjayezi 07 November 2011

wow. this is absolutely my favourite out of all you poems. it is both powerful and beautiful. it is an ecellent analogy of contemporary society and the life which we have carved for ourselves out of this world.'the uncertainty and unknown pleasure' you and I have a lot in common. an ecellent choice of words.

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Raeanne Furfaro 12 August 2011

Such a small poem and such vivid imagery. Very well written, I love it's simplicity and the beauty it holds but beware, sometimes beauty bites. Brava

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Young Church Poetry 19 July 2011

Wow! great work indeed. last two lines the best, gave me hope to keep going. thanks a lot for sharing, love your work.

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Rekha Mandagere 14 July 2011

Life is sweeter as well as bitter but one should not miss the beauty of life fearing at thorns. Good poem :)

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Unwritten Soul 07 July 2011

You made this poem so alive, you gave it a life :) Nice write Muzzammil, it truly nice 'handcraft' :) _Unwritten Soul

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