A Camel's Monologue Poem by yoonoos peerbocus

A Camel's Monologue

Rating: 4.3

With knees so wounded
unable to bend
from so much kneeling
on the splinter strewn
ordeal of existence,
with shoulders yoked between shafts

of dream and reality
and hoofs time bound
I lumber, plod, dragging
the waterlogged life-load of desire
across traceless tracks
of the vast desert of eternity.

Friday, June 22, 2007
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Vipins Puthooran 21 July 2012

The waterlogged lifeload of desire Across traceless tracks Of the vast desert of infinity.//// What a truthful meaning! ! ! ! ! !

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Kseniya (Xeny) Rundel 26 June 2011

10. 'A camel has 2 humps because a life is a struggle'. (a child 's joke)

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Rafiq Sandeelvi 13 July 2011

No doubt it is a great poem with many qualities.It creates a metaphor regarding inner link between human and camel......

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 12 August 2012

When one looses the desire, then finds true happiness and contentment with the life one has.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 18 August 2012

The hard toil of life emerges here.

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Mj Lemon 04 May 2020

The load of desires and passions...existing as the water we 'drag' does, so often, cause us to plod through life. This verse is one of your finest, Yoonoos.

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Ms Doubtfire 29 December 2019

Your soulfully good and pierce me with your verse.

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Edward Kofi Louis 27 October 2019

Of dream and reality! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Anjandev Roy 13 September 2019

Of the vast desert of eternity........fantastic write. Thank u, dear poet.anjandev roy.

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James Timothy Jarrett 23 January 2019

Excellent imagery. Well done

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