A Drop Of Sea

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within eyes
within lies
the one
the perfect
without defect
who can really
be mine
my future
my adventure
my life...
are you that one
mine has gone
deep into sea
beneath the pain
i have gain
basket of tears
handfull of unfortunate
mouthfull of abuses
are you listening...
how she was cruel
promising me the
whole sea
she threw
a drop on me.

Heather Wilkins 25 June 2013

great write amazing

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Hazel Durham 27 May 2013

Love this, with amazing lines, great title!

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Paul Brookes 16 May 2013

Ah love can be so cruel. You may search for perfection but end up with compromise. I like your style very well written poem. thanks for sharing BB : O)

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Ambrosia A 17 May 2013

Very nice write. Many of the lovers (mostly in disguise) promise ocean, while we needed a drop. Alas finally betrayed amidst the sea, not a drop to drink and survive. keep penning, you have a nice skill of selecting simple, yet lovely words.

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Sj Holland 18 June 2013

Excellent passage, ...how she was cruel promising me the whole sea she threw a drop on me. Great ending too. It just leaves the painful truth hanging, just like the subject of the poem must have felt.

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Unwritten Soul 07 August 2016

Such poem is a example of a beautiful modern poems i can read here, at least i feel it if not others...but i can feel that this writing is applaud by others who read...it easily absorbed to readers' mind and the beauty is obvious...definitely one of your best Vishal

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Edward Kofi Louis 16 February 2016

Basket of tears with the ways of life. Nice piece of work.

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Mohabeer Beeharry 20 August 2013

A lot of subtle emotion.but I guess it happens in life. Great writing Congrats Mohabeer Beeharry Read my poems sometimes

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Roseann Shawiak 13 August 2013

Your poem made me remember when I was younger and looking for my one true love - he never came - until I stopped looking. Now 37 years later we are still married and in love. A lucky one - I got the ocean. Love this poem - I too had heartaches before finding my true love - before that only a drop from each one. Growing old together is so much fun! Even through the trials and suffering we are one. Thank you for such a beautiful poem. Keep writing, your poetry will lead you to maturity. Always go back and read the first poems you wrote and you will see how much you've grown through the years. RoseAnn

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Good keep it on.You write superb

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