A Fair Sized Elevation Poem by Ernestine Northover

A Fair Sized Elevation

Rating: 4.3

The Stadium was ready for a thrilling floodlit game,
All the Fans were there, eager to give acclaim.
Out ran the teams, rearing to play their part,
Along with the Referee, who was anxious to start.

When all were prepared, the exciting scene was set,
Each side were hoping for goals inside their net.
At half-time though, not one single man had scored,
Something that to both sides couldn’t be ignored.

Then a silence fell, and eyebrows began to twitch,
What was that mound there, in the centre of the pitch.
A heap of earth was growing at a very rapid rate,
And a fair sized elevation was seen to accumulate.

A black nose peeped out from the heart of the soil,
Sniffing the air after a lot of sweat and toil.
For Mr Mole had chosen a very prestigious patch,
‘Right bang’ in the middle of a football match,

Everyone thought this was really quite absurd,
And were utterly amazed at what had occurred.
But in the end, the whole vast arena had to laugh,
For wrapped around his neck was a football scarf.

Daniel Tyler 25 August 2007

A great narrative piece Ernestine, written in a very entertaining style. Mr Noel Coward would be proud. Dan xxx

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 23 August 2007

Good God, Ernestine, what a child would have done to be one of yours come storytime...i have no doubts...Never asked, but i'll go ahead and assume that you have grandchildren...and if so, what a 2nd round treat....And i mean that in a 2-fold way....you see that poem above these comments, as well as so many dozens of others alike, are not just bellt-wiggling fun & laughs for chiuldren, be they yours or anyone's...but they are facinating reads for all of us here, as well. Young lady, you are indeed a poet and writer of fine merit! ~ ~ ~

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x... x... 23 August 2007

Now this is a great write, an entertaining and fun story....was reading quickly wondering what was going to happen. You are so very talented.~~mm.~~ :)

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Scarlett Treat 23 August 2007

I had to laugh at this, because just the other day, my daughter and her kids were watching a football game, and a big old cat got on the field. All the players and the coaches, even the water boys, were chasing him, and he, apparently, was giving them a very merry chase. I think they spent about a half hour before the kitty made an exit...but he had 60,000 fans cheering for him.... This poem is lovely...funny and exciting! Loved it!

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Francesca Johnson 23 August 2007

When I started reading this poem, Ernestine, I thought it was about the recent England - Germany game (shhhhh.....! !) but what a delightful twist. You really spung a surprise on me THIS time. And oh, how cute. By the way, which team did he support? Love, Fran xxx

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Marilyn Lott 11 August 2008

Now, that was unexpected. Sounds like our yard, Ernestine! Yesterday the moles knocked over my birdbath! Little stinkers. Love your work! Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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David Desantis 10 July 2008

hahahha this is quite original...so the mole came out in the game...that would be quite the funny site...great poem, and awesome flow/rhyme scheme...love your poetry! ! ! 10/10

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Philip Housiaux 18 May 2008

Tremendous word control to get perfect metre and rhyme, form. Would fit in a childrens nursery rhyme book perhaps. Excellent work

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Duncan Wyllie 13 February 2008

Well I actually found another one of your gems, this is very funny Ernestine, where did the inspiration come from, TOP SCORE for this one Thankyou Love duncan X

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Chuck Audette 06 September 2007

A delightful start to a children's book perhaps? Very fun! -chuck

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