A Family Of Fat Cats (Obesity In American) Poem by Ted Sheridan

A Family Of Fat Cats (Obesity In American)

Rating: 4.6

There is an extremely fat man
who lives in a gargantuan size house
with his attractive but butterball wife
and their two and one third kids
all of whom have flunked P.E.
while dad, mom and offspring
continue to feed on a plethora
of morbidly obese things to eat
And every now and then
they'll remember to toss
their two pudgy dogs
who are always laying at their feet
an occasional scrap of fatty meat
Their lone old cat sits and stares
with an extreme sense of satisfaction
displayed fully as it is showing on his face.....
It is he who still has
more than the one life left to live......

Scarlett Treat 05 July 2007

Somewhere out there a poem is floating about... about a lady in her finery, sitting in the churchhouse.. and a louse... is crawling up the ribbon of her hat..... And the poet (Burnes? Maybe? ?) said, 'if He had only gie us the gift to see ourselves as others see us.... I have to agree with MM/JC here! If we could only see ourselves...from the rear! !

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Lucianne Fasolo 01 October 2007

'and their two and one third kids' << What the...? This line was great!

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Jerry Hughes 25 April 2008

They're pretty smart critters cats, come to think on it I've never seen one heading for a Muck Donald's, or any other junk food venue...

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Richard Prosper 25 May 2008

This poem kept making me think of a family of parade floats slowly having more and more hot air pumped into them while the crowd gawked in disgust. Sadly, however, the cat seems to make up the crowd in America these days. Very well written and funny, Ted

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alice sunderland 23 May 2007

good stuff ted. 'butterball'! ! ! - i may find myself stealing that word!

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Deondra Hodge 07 September 2019

This is foolishness this say nothing about obesity. i need to hear a poem on obesity like now not later this is crap! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Christine Kerr 13 February 2009

I can picture it all so clearly. Even thoe the real cat doesn't know it he is the strongest of them all. nicely said

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Reshma Ramesh 08 February 2009

ted...............what a superb narration...............wonderful...

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Ken E Hall 12 November 2008

A great tale of the obesity plague very original and funny- pity the extremely fat people don't see there is no extremely fat old people they are only fodder for the grass the fat cat likes to lay on- will return to read more, regards Ken e Hall

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Kyle Shield Laster 27 June 2008

very true. great write.

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