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A Field Of Hay Bales

Rating: 5.0

The big round hay bales
That lie across the farm field
Like small fortresses
Remind me of my childhood
And the game of hide and seek.

Copyright 2020, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

Soran M. H 27 July 2020

this brilliant simile is working very well here, congratulation you are so good

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Soran M. H 27 July 2020

The big round hay bales That lie across the farm field Like small fortresses

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Soran M. H 27 July 2020

this marvellous piece of work only can be written by a skillful great poet such as Rose, it is so poetic and strong, with good metaphor and imagery, well done have a big 10+ and it goes onto my fav list

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Bernard F. Asuncion 25 July 2020

Its nice to remember the good things when we were kids... Wonderfully penned...10++??????

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Kostas Lagos 25 July 2020

Beautiful memories...lovely poem

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Edward Kofi Louis 23 August 2020

Memories! ! Musing along with your mind. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Susan Williams 31 July 2020

Yes! ! ! I always flinch when I see round bales! I was accustomed to rectangular hay bales that were si easy to break into meal sized flakes for the different horses. I look at those round bales and my head tilts and my mind goes round and round on how to divide that monster up. Now you have given me something pleasant to think about! ! ! Thank you! ! ! 10++ and onto my fav list! ! !

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Mahtab Bangalee 28 July 2020

The bale of hay The dome of hay Reminder bell in the busy mind in the busy thought the childlike and childish game hide and seek ...........yes exactly right you are; beautifully crafted

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It's nostalgic to dig out the childhood enjoyments. The imagery you have created to express it is appreciable. Hay bales deserve a prime place among the properties made use of as a support of games, especially hide and seek. Effective imagery. Superb.

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Anjandev Roy 27 July 2020

Remind me of my childhood.......significant.....thank u, dear poetess.....anjandev roy.

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