A Flower Blooms Once More Poem by Crimson Love

A Flower Blooms Once More

Rating: 4.5

This flower a beauty,
battered and Hurt,
This Beautiful flower wasn't Destroyed,
she In time strengthened, and bloomed once more.

Aqeb Benazir 25 September 2011

short and simple...sublime and very meaningful. great write! !

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Jessie Hopkins 19 December 2011

You have a great talent of saying so much in so little. And in a beautiful way! :)

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Harindhar Reddy 05 November 2011

Hey! Hey! Let me adorn you with garland made up of daises, Lilies, roses, marigold flowers for sharing this poem with us. Awesome write buddy 10 +++++++

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Ken E Hall 20 October 2011

The only way to travel let the past die and bloom for today...short poem with lots of meaning... regards

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Adeline Foster 17 October 2011

Because of your love of poetry you must read, A Fancy from Fontenelle by Austin Dobson. You may agree it is an exquisite take on the subject of 'roses'. Then read mine - The Bloom of Youth - Adeline

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Jacqui Broad 08 October 2011

Courageous and inspiring. Let's me think about 'The Rose' by Bette Midler. I like your poetry...

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