A Gift Fit For A Pig Poem by Mary Nagy

A Gift Fit For A Pig

It was my 22nd birthday.
I had just given birth to our 2nd daughter
1 month earlier.

He went shopping for my birthday present.
I had visions of jewels and lacy things.....
I couldn't wait to see what he would buy me!
Afterall, I just gave him another daughter.

When he came home with the gift he seemed so proud.
He said he knew I was going to be happy!
With nervous fingers I opened the present....
greedily clawing the wrapping paper off
to reveal the symbol of his love for me.

The breath caught in my throat as I choked back my tears.
Inside the bag I found the symbol of our love....
5 boxes of snack cakes and a hot-pink sweat-suit!
I tried to pretend I wasn't offended
but he knew me too well.

For years I used this birthday as leverage against him.
I viewed it as an insult that he would think so little of me
as to buy me a ''gift fit for a pig''.

Last night, something hit me like a ton of bricks...
he bought me the cakes because he knew I liked them
and the sweat-suit because he wanted me to be comfortable.
(and it was pink because that's my favorite color)
He did think about the gift.

He was also showing me that he wasn't concerned
what size I was
or what size I would become.
He was telling me that he loved me...unconditionally.
I didn't see what that gift really was
and I didn't appreciate it until last night.

I thanked him for the cakes and the sweat-suit this morning...
13 years late.
He understood.

Shannon Chapel 08 January 2006

Mary, Once again you've made me cry (would ya knock it off already! lol) . This is fabulous and very moving. I'd give ya a 20 if I could. Shannon

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Michael Shepherd 09 January 2006

When you read a poem rocking with laughter with tears in the corner of your eyes - that's some poem, Mary!

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Joseph Daly 09 January 2006

This is a very touching work Mary. Your use of narration has the right amount of structure to take the realist edge offit it. The theme, itself, fits perfect and you highlight the benefit of hindsight - the passing - of time. You seem to see the value of it as helping to reach an understanding. That you do not inject a touch of regret for not seeing the light sooner, is a good thing as it makes the length of time, that has passed, irrelevant. The important thing is the realisation itself.

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David Tanguay 11 January 2006

Mary I like the poem, but you know another thing I noticed, you said your 22nd. birthday.I noticed your birthday nov.8 the same as mine only I was born 22 years before you. So when I turned 22, you were born, struck me a little funny, ha-ha

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Herbert Nehrlich1 11 January 2006

Needless to say, Mary, I am impressed. This poem excels on several levels. Best H

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Frank Cannon 20 January 2008

The title grabbed my attention. The body soft soaped my soul with love. Thanks.

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Alaska Roads 30 March 2006

Thanks Mary! I'm not a crying kind of guy, but right now I have tears so thick I can hardly see the key board. I can't explain it. I just guess it takes women some time, but some finaly get it. Alaska

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Theresa Rayman 24 March 2006

Mary, This is just marvelous, I loved every word. It made me go back and think about all of the gifts my husband ever gave me (and trust me- there have been some doozies) . It took me a long time to learn how (ok I'll say it-how GUYS!) think, many guys anyway. You got it exactly right; I am sure you made his day when you went back and thanked him. This is the kind of stuff that keeps marriages going. Good for you! Blessings- TGR (Theresa) - proud owner of a cushioned toilet seat (for my first mother's day-gotta love him-lol!)

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Duncan Wyllie 21 January 2006

Dear Mary I enjoyed this very much.How easily misconstrude things can be. We've all done it.What an honest reminder of ourselves. Thankyou Love Duncan

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Joy Vanderhelm 19 January 2006

Seriously, I'm lucky if I even get a phone call from the current boy, I emphasize boy, I might be seeing at the time. It's wonderful that you realized the real meaning behind his actions. A lovely piece.

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