A Heart Trade Poem by Elena Sandu

A Heart Trade

Rating: 3.9

Long time ago
A woman tried to trade own heart: ..
My tears, would you please get dry? !
Is there somebody or something
To stop Me, stop my Cry?
Abyss! !
Release my body and my soul! Despair! !
My heart, is not your home:
Go! Disappear! Disintegrate! !
Get Homeless! Hungry! Die! ! !
Aww.. Heart to become a killer? !
Can't! ..
Not even the despair and loneliness..
I know, they're bad..But they are personal
They're mine! ..
No! I don't want anything (or nothing,) die? !
Do search for better word and choice:
What would it be? !
Transformation? ! Naah.. Evolution? ! Ttsst...Change? ! .~hard..
Sell..hmm.. it sounds so bad
.Trade..yes! ! That's it! Trade it! !
I' ll trade my broken lonely crying heart
For anything to anyone...
Who wants it?
A broken lonely crying heart Once!
A broken lonely crying heart Twice! !
A broken...No Offered Price? !
The cheapest thing! A paper clip, a thread, Nothing! !
.. Lonely crying heart...
No one? !
Come on...Can't be that hard!
No problem..I Can be patient..
I'll wait..but please:
Stop time or help me stop my Cry..

And so, the poor woman
couldn't even do a trade..
And you know what?
She had to heal herself.
She did it smartly
By sharing little half torn
And broken little pieces
her soul...
Bits, were put into baked cakes
shared in a small neighborhood
Others were put in flower's seeds
who knows where the wind spread them
But most, were put into warm words
and shared with an entire world...
Her heart grew back and
Nowadays she's found
her dolphin smile

Monday, June 21, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: trade
Dr.subhendu Kar 05 July 2010

Others were put in flower's seeds who knows where wind did spread them..............heart blows by wounds of love soul still beckons to gleams of light yet to enlighten the caravan on its way to heaven.....ingeniously passionate by imageries,10+++, thanks for sharing

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Saadat Tahir 01 July 2010

touchy heart felt... and with a keen eye on the lements.. liked thiss Others were put in flower's seeds who knows where wind did spread them But most, were put into warm words and shared with an entire world.. very nice cheers

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Moonbee Canady 28 June 2010

This was an amazing narrative poem! ... I loved it... It has a unique perspective on the broken heart theme - totally your own invention - this poem shows bravery of spirit and determination to regain what every heart wants to claim 'love'... Beautifully done Elena. And I Agree With You... I used to say: 'Words Aren't Priceless, Til You Give Them Away, Until Then, They Are Just Wishful Thoughts Held At Bay'... This Poem Proves That Too, You Gave Us Lovely, Priceless Words From The Heart... MoonBee

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Kipper Stagg 27 June 2010

You have a deep and warm heart Elena, your poem touches a deep part of your soul that many poets strive to do but fail. I always enjoy your poems they speak volumes of life and love to me an inspiration that I cherish! keep it up please!

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Tom Billsborough 07 August 2016

but most were put in warm words... a beautifully modulated line with deep meaning too. A very good poem, very moving, Elena. Tom Billsborough

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Stefanie Fontker 25 September 2011

I love the chaos, the tears, the tragedy, the story. Beautiful words, just beautiful.

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Seema Chowdhury 31 January 2011

A sad and a poignant poem. a nice description of the situation and feelings.

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Ken E Hall 19 September 2010

Intriguing poem with this tale of a sad heart that comes good thru self help indeed, a story we should all take note...well done +++10/10 regards

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Louis Rams 16 September 2010

her broken lonely heart was traded, but her soul was elated for she shared something for all the world to see and that was in your poetry. gr888t write

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