A Kiss Only My Heart Knows. Poem by Crimson Love

A Kiss Only My Heart Knows.

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A soft silken kiss,
Laid upon dying lips,
Breathing your Words into my soul,
As I am breathing out lovely interpretations of love,
Fingers, crawl upon thy flesh,
A burning seed of fateful lust,
A kiss So gentle Only my heart knows its there,
My fingers forever running through raven hair.

Geoffrey Ngoima Ndegwa. 30 September 2011

A Demon lover i assume, a dark dark dark affair.... V.good

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Doris Cornago 12 January 2014

I have felt this but called it angel's kiss. Thrown across cyberspace by a monk. Haha. Can anything be more sinful? In love, and all its expressions, less is more. I am suddenly a fan CL. You really know where to touch unlike older men.

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Harindhar Reddy 09 November 2011

'A soft silken kiss, Laid upon dying lips, ' Perfect poem in roundness I mean complete one great one - a amazing one - Simply can not be told the internal strength of the poem - Hats off!

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The 4am Poet Worm 05 November 2011

a kiss so gentle only my heart knows its there....swooooon... what a chat upline that is: P wonderful waht more can i say

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Lenore Lee 16 October 2011

Gorgeous and dark, secret yet truthful. How could I ever have enough words to describe the exotic and heartfelt poetry you write? I love this one, as I love them all.

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No Ones Bidness 11 October 2011

Takes you back for a short sojourn to the 15th 16th century, very expressive, great title and concept and all in all a very impressive poems

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Crimson Love

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