A Lesson From The Birds Poem by Mary Nagy

A Lesson From The Birds

Lying in my hammock, I'm looking at the sky.
No matter what goes on down here, the birds go sailing by.
They don't pay me attention, for I am no concern.
I feel if I watch long enough, there's so much I could learn.

What is it that they're showing me that I have yet to see?
They fly and soar without a care, just happy to be free.
I guess I'm very lucky to be living as I do.
I have nothing that I yearn for and my bills arn't overdue.

I'll just lie here in my hammock on my front porch in the shade.
I'll thank the birds for showing me that I've really got it made! !

Uriah Hamilton 31 May 2005

Nice poem, Mary, I dig birds, too.

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Raynette Eitel 31 May 2005

Very nice, Mary. I can picture you there in Michigan in your hammock...and smile. This is a down to earth poem with a lesson for all. Raynette

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Herbert Nehrlich1 31 May 2005

Haiku to fit this poem: Birds that sail in sky may look down when they fly by beware of droppings. I can picture this, gnome or garden beauty. A hammock is a favourite thing of mine but in these parts we have giant pelicans who like to fly over and are not afraid to let go.... Are you on a roll? Best wishes H

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Noureddine Elkalai 11 January 2006

A Lesson From The Birds is an object d'art!

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Duncan Wyllie 13 February 2006

Ah! What a beautiful place to be.This is amazing. I felt that I was there watching the birds with you.Great one from you again Mary.Love Duncan

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Marilyn Lott 12 August 2007

A wonderful poem about the spirit of nature. Nothing could be more restful or pure. I loved this poem, Mary! Marilyn

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Jim Foulk 12 February 2007

a very beautiful piece of poetry, well penned.

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Emma Johnson 26 March 2006

A key to a stress-free life. Lovely. Susie.

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David Tanguay 28 February 2006

You know Mary, once I was laying under a big oak tree listning to woodpeckers, going about their pecking. I could have sworn they were talking to me. Funny how mother nature's critters are not so simple after all................Dave

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Christian Eliab Ratnam 16 February 2006

What else can I say? B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Just beautiful! ! !

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