A Lone Rose Poem by Hazel Durham

A Lone Rose

Rating: 4.2

She hears him calling her name across the miles from the west,
She knows what they had together was the best,
He left her to be with his kids and wife,
The only truth in his life,

She remembers he used to kiss her neck like it was a delicious dessert,
And her lips like a sizzling main course,
He used to caress her petite body with sensations,
Like a hot sun beaming on their entangled bodies,

They were transported to far reaching planets,
In a merry-go-round galaxy,
Of love scorched beyond repair,
He truly cared,

She had been a lonely girl,
Trying to carve out a world without a frown,
The sheen of her hair golden brown,
He had put her on a pedestal with a crown,

She was his princess of dreams,
A lovely, charming girl like topped with double cream,
He had been on a business trip,
She had advertised in a lonely hearts column,

They spoke like old friends from the start of time,
They were both in their prime,
Two souls reached out to bloom into a lone rose,
He had taken photos of her sunshine spirit in a pose,

But the stark reality caught up with them,
As they danced on the night club floor,
Arms entwined in a loving embrace,
But his duty was his kids and wife,

Even though his wife's love had disappeared like a cruel magic trick,
He is left with a cold, heartless home,
His kids are his future,
For his family name to endure,

She knew it would be the last time they would meet,
Their romance is a defeat,
Of the truth of love scaling incredible heights,
A friend takes a photo of them in their last pose,

Two souls is now a lone rose.

Friday, January 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love hurts
Lyn Paul 02 January 2015

So many beautiful words from the dance floor to the departure. Excellent! Hope this will not be a poison apple for children.

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Akhtar Jawad 03 January 2015

Even though his wife's love had disappeared like a cruel magic trick, He is left with a cold, heartless home, His kids are his future, For his family name to endure Kids are the duty and bid a couple but we sometimes become helpless in love. An impressive poem.

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Valsa George 04 January 2015

A wonderful meeting and and an abrupt parting, leaving behind a handful of sweet memories to relish for ever! Now distanced by time, they remain two lone roses, both craving to be tied together into a bunch! A very emotive write!

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Luz Hanaii 10 December 2018

Sobering last line. All illusions and dreams must come to an end, to leave room for reality, now they must face the pain of waking. He to his family and she to perhaps a future new lover who will be free and true to their mutual love.

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Ramesh Rai 23 May 2015

Beautiful love poem. Love never dies. Absolutely a very impressive write

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Noreen Carden 25 February 2015

Hazel this beautiful lost love story is a joy to read.As always beautifully written with a sad back story to grab the readers interest well done

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Rajesh Thankappan 21 February 2015

Marriages are made in heaven but love is concocted upon this terrestrial earth! A charming poem portraying conflict of interests that yet brews up a heady cocktail.

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Soulful Heart 13 January 2015

the harsh relities of life where duty and responsibilities come first and demand self sacrifice................very lonesome poem of crushing dilema

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