A New Year Born Only Once Called 2015 Poem by Geetha Jayakumar

A New Year Born Only Once Called 2015

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Count down begins
With loud music on
Dance to the rhythms
Beat on the drums.
Music is on....
Let's hum for a while
Count down begins my dear ones....

Hey! listen to the clock
Beating in rhythms
Tick, tock, tick, tock
Four, three, two,
There goes one
Next and next....
Here comes Zero.
It's the New year born only once called 2015...

Hey listen to the clock
It strikes twelve
Hey, It's another day...

Its my first date of the year 2015
Today, I am on date 1st Jan 2015.

A new fantastic year had begin
A new year born only once called 2015!

Another day begins
A New year begins.
With life of full music on...
With Passion of dreams on...
With twinkles of hope rising on
With loads of dream to carry on
Let my heart beats to its rhythm
Let us welcome New Year with melodious rhymes.
For It's the first day of the New Year rising high...

Pushing down the memories of past 2014
present arrives dancing gaily...
Each seconds, minutes, hours and days are its future.
Listen to the music of future 2015 ringing In your heart
Bring all your dreams into action, for which we are already born.

Wishing you all a happy new year 2015!

It's my first date of the new year.
Wishing you all a happy new year on your first date too!

Happy new year 2015! ! !

© 2014.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 01 January 2015

We have been missing you a lot.....Geetha......and with this poem hopes of new year are rekindled....very nicely composed....10.......wish u and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015!

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Saheb Mohapatra 01 January 2015

a great way to start the new year............really a phenomenal description of this beautiful year.........2015............sorry i forgot to wish.................a very happy new year to you and to to all your poems.

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Lyn Paul 31 December 2014

My First date too. Thank you Geetha. Let us make new memories this 2015. x

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Rajesh Thankappan 31 December 2014

We on PH have been missing your poems for a long time. Welcome back! You have sounded the bugle for the new year 2015. Beautiful write. 10/10

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Akhtar Jawad 03 January 2015

Hayn aur bhi duniya mein sukhanwar bahut ache Kehte hayn ke Ghalib ka hay andaz-e-beyan aur (There are so many good poets in the world It is said Ghalib's style of description is different) Geetha may not be the best at PH, but this amazing poem is a proof that she is has a different style that attracts the readers. Happy Comeback, Happy New Year, my best wishes.....................10

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Jasbir Chatterjee 13 January 2015

It's a lovely poem, full of music and dance, ringing in the new year with so many hopes and aspirations...Wish you a lovely year ahead too, Jaya...

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Kavya . 09 January 2015

A Very Happy New Year to you too! Nice flow......enjoyed reading

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Savita Tyagi 07 January 2015

Great poem of all the fun and excitement of new year. Welcome back Geetha. Wish you a very happy new year and a wonderful time of writing lovely poems. Thank you so much for your comment on my poems.

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Piyush Dey 07 January 2015

Well, Happy New Year.

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Piyush Dey 07 January 2015

Amazingly beautiful and musical write. i could hear the 'tick, tock, tick, tock'.

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