A Poem For Aniqa Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

A Poem For Aniqa

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What indeed is your patrimony
My sweet child, Aniqa!
A few 'ghazal' compositions, a handful of
Which are but treasures
Of broken hearts, given for safekeeping
To your dad?

These are tales
Of days bygone
Lived before your time
Narratives written in blood
Prophecies of better seasons to come!

Somewhere, if at all
You suffer under the tyranny
Of moments sad and forlorn
Must read these poems, my child
For, I'm sure
They will reveal
My philosophy of sorrow and happiness

A moment, indeed
My sweet child, Aniqa
And your eyes
Will bloom forth in roses of tears
Your lips
Will soften with dreamlike smiles.

Sonya Florentino 30 August 2009

your legacy in words...what a precious gift to give where your spirit lives on forever...!

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Obed Souza 27 August 2009

Touching, heartmoving, words laid down as a legacy of love, what more could I say then? You´re just great! My favorite on this site. 10!

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a very touching poem.filled by compassion and love of a father...it touches the mother's and the daughter's eyes...10++++

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Maria C. Pires Costa 15 December 2008

This is a rich, beautiful legacy from you to your child. Beyond your 'sweet child', readers will recognise your sorrowful and happy moments, as well as the encouragement to life. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Maria

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Mamta Agarwal 04 November 2008

a great, touching poem by a father to the child. lovely indeed.10 we leave something of us in our writings. Mamta

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