A Phase Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

A Phase

Rating: 4.8

It is only a phase,
Like clouds tomorrow
It will be gone.

Its a test of your character.
Nothing much really,
Just steping stone
That looks like an obstacle.

It takes courage and determination.
It is just a phase,
Please hang in there.

Just be intrepid,
The storms will pass,
And you'll feel the warmth
Of the sunrays against your skin again.


Yes thats very much true, its only a time of to stop and mediate, then continue the journey, a time were you have to redeem your purpose again and let it be a motive, looking foward to learning a lot from bro, keep writting and i will be there to digest.

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Gordon Tseng 16 November 2011

Good work! And enjoy this one, too. Rainbow Although the clouds travel low And let the rain knock on windows, Still, we know the sun’s love will glow To change grey tears into colorful rainbow. by Gordon Tseng

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Silentpoet Grl 01 January 2012

i feel strength in your poem - courage to wait for a better tomorrow - good job!

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Lusekelo Simwela 06 January 2012

nice poem man... says that every problem has an expiry date

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 09 January 2012

You are the born poet. Lovely.

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Roseann Shawiak 26 July 2014

Life is a pattern of phases, it is our unique and individual design in destiny. All storms come and go, leaving us with the courage to go on. Lovely poem, Siyabonga, I felt your determination underlying it. Thank you for sharing, RoseAnn.

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Jenie Franksay 26 December 2013

oh.... what a lovely poem.... :)

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 30 June 2013

Yes, you are right. This world is not perfect, looks like everything is a mistake, but somebody has to learn from it. Just go ahead, always expect the best, but face what comes, and deal with it. Someday you will find yourself out of the what you do not like. Always open your mind for that you are able to solve all your challenges easily and happily, and if you can believe in it, you shall have it.

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Farah Ilyas 21 June 2013

Yeah hard times not remains constant, it have to go one way or another......good message in it.

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Phiwe Mbatha 17 June 2013

Okunye kudlula sekunzima, sekuze kwanombhudulo. Iyakhuthaza lenkondlo, ikakhulu uma usulahlekelwe ithmba

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