A Poemhunter’s Rendezvous Poem by Ernestine Northover

A Poemhunter’s Rendezvous

Rating: 5.0

In Stratford-on-Avon,
A Poet’s true haven,
We met as great pals,
The men and the gals.
What a wonderful setting,
For the magic of getting
To know everyone.
And there was the sun,
So radiant all day,
In this warm month of May.

And the place that was the hub
Was the Pen & Parchment Pub.
An excellent rendezvous
For the whole PH crew.
So with photos galore
Which were worth posing for.
We’ll remember this meet,
That was really upbeat.
And you can be sure
We'll no longer feel obscure

For we’ve met face to face,
In Shakespeare’s birthplace.
And a yearly convention
Should now be our intention.
As the great family feeling,
Was so very appealing,
And one thing is quite clear, .
We must assemble next year.
With more faces to see,
At this Poemhunter jamboree.

© Ernestine Northover

Ghada Shahbender 13 June 2007

Sounds 'upbeat'... wish i were there. Thanks for the poetic report and vivid image

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Francesca Johnson 13 June 2007

A great poem, Ernestine, describing the essence and the camaraderie of the meeting. Let's hope that this is the start of an annual pilgrimage. And what better place than Stratford? Thanks for this one. Love, Fran xxx

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Gina Onyemaechi 13 June 2007

A poem filled with warmth and fun. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves. I must make it to the next one. Love, Gina.

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Sid John Gardner. 13 June 2007

A great summary Ernestine of a memorable and enjoyable event.Good Setting, good company, good weather what more can you ask for except...'Lets do it again next year'. Any takers? Sid John xx

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Marci Made 13 June 2007

This is great...You've written this in a way that we all can feel like we were also at this gathering....By the way, I love the picture of the group too......marci.xo

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Stephen Stirk 13 March 2009

Hi Ernestine A lovely poem. It sounds like it all became real for you, rather than an internet experience. That was a lovely piece. Your subjects are so many and varied. Bravo to you Steve

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David Threadgold 15 September 2008

Hi Ernestine. It sounds like you had a great day out because it shows in your poem, and there's nothing like being in the presence of good company. well done **10** Regards Dave T.

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Ron Flowers 16 July 2008

Very nice, Ernistine. It makes me want to be there. Ron

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Yay! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! t x

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Ted Sheridan 27 June 2007

Nothing finer than being locked away with a bunch of nuts and an endless amount on tap. Thanks

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