A Room With No Windows Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

A Room With No Windows

Rating: 4.3

I locked myself away
Inside a room that had no windows,
Where the sunlight never reached
And each morning like the night.
Inside that room I prayed
That peace would return
Unto the world I no longer knew.
And there I felt safe.
Safe from the terror that existed outside,
And I could not see the war
That raged throughout the lands.
Nor could I look upon those once verdant hills
That I'd loved with all my heart,
But now lay stained by the blood of the fallen souls
Who had given their lives for no reason.
And so within that room I remained.
For the sound of gunfire to cease,
For the fear to subside,
For the winds of change
To blow away the dark, evil cloud
That had descended,
Spreading hatred wherever it did go.
As I stared at the stark, bare walls that surrounded me,
I dreamed of the day
When the birds would sing again
And the world would be at peace once more.

Ramesh T A 09 August 2011

A wonderful expression about the meek people's during the time of terrorist attacks is depicted in this fine poem!

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Ramesh Rai 17 March 2012

you are always good, a nice poem. i liked it

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Kee Thampi 13 February 2012

a hidden cannery of love where no peace of love to be reached

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Ken E Hall 09 October 2011

Sadly the poem depicts reality cleverly from a room with no windows and peace which will never come I'm sure.great message here...regards

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Joseph Juarez 23 August 2011

this is a really good poem. sometimes i just want to escape to

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Eric Cockrell 18 August 2011

excellent poetry... you convey your message well!

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