A Scene From The Garden Poem by Jahan Zeb

A Scene From The Garden

Rating: 5.0

In a still wind, a twig moves up and down
Forcing me to see the lady with a crown
Dancing without wind in clothes of green
Smiling with the petals pink, a most happy scene
As I got closer I saw a honey bee
Kissing a flower and sucking nectar sweet
Dancing as a lover upon the movement of a rose
As though having beloved next to heart and so very close

Jahan Zaib 23/12/2012

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 24 December 2012

a perfect scene from a garden! very beautiful with a wink!

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Unwritten Soul 24 December 2012

I know why you can dancing without wind because the beautiful scene is so amazing, i bear it here now! _Soul

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Payal Parande 24 December 2012

ahh...what a view..you gave me the beautiful feeling of the remarkable garden indoor how incredible way you have with your words i am in awe.....

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Farah Ilyas 29 April 2013

though its a imaginative poem, but Jahan Zaib always sketches his imagery in such a way that it sounds to be natural & real one...beautiful composition, beautiful diction, beautiful scene is created..wow, am compelled to say wow! amazing

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Patricia Grantham 11 March 2013

I love this one, beautiful pictures in a garden. A bee pollinating the flowers. By the way I have a little be pointer on my screen! Real poetry in motion. Well crafted verses. Thanks.

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Stevie Taite 10 January 2013

Beautiful imagery and a lovely flow! X

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Musfiq Us Shaleheen 31 December 2012

very nicely painted the imagery! ! .. well crafted...

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Hans Vr 26 December 2012

Sounds like magical moments of amazing beauty. Excellently written.

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Jahan Zeb

Jahan Zeb

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