My Superhero Poem by Jahan Zeb

My Superhero

Rating: 4.9

Loved to hear brave Hercules deeds,
Watched Superman for his flying traits,
Dreamed to be Spiderman for human needs,
Ironman merely against aggressive cats,
As childhood ceased mind got ease,
Hero changed and so did the dreams,
Romeo and Juliet started to please,
Riches and gold came through the beams,
In an age mature, there came a thought,
Looked all around, searched every corner,
In a single hero, Hero I sought,
Heroes my local and of the foreigner,
Had no powerful mighty flying wings,
No force to climb or hop like spider,
No extraordinary power no steel rings,
Neither was he a mythical ghost rider,

Beat of my heart, the sight of my eyes,
Father, my hero, reason of my rise.

Unwritten Soul 02 November 2012

Hahaha i loved it, humor and heroic action all in one write..this is great and i loved the spirit! ! _Soul

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Payal Parande 02 November 2012

a wonderful piece by a wonderful person...may be you should look around more maybe you are someone's hero i am pretty sure you are thank you for sharing love payal

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Heyyou Boy 01 November 2012

We all have heros. Even though mans hero might be anothers villain. well done Jahan!

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Asif Andalib 01 November 2012

A wonderful tribute to your dear father. A lovely write

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Xelam Kan™ 01 November 2012

wow jaani.......assembled the whole Hollywood, nice treated the theme for different age instinct, this end note is superb.....Father, my hero, reason of my rise. from comics to real world portrayed every Hero beautifully...... one humble request that be focused on rhyme and melody.............. good job

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Chinedu Dike 02 February 2020

A wonderful tribute to a great dad written in verse with rhythmic splendour. A beautiful creation nicely crafted in persuasive expressions with artistic brilliance. Thanks for sharing, Jahan.

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The Reader 05 November 2012

a great write, a great tribute - my cords are touched as i missed my HERO 15 years back; 15 years back when i was nothing but a student he used to be glad on life's little achievements, my little things, i used to be a V.I.P when he was there. how tasteless it is to stand up yourself after falling down with the realization that your hero wont come to take care of you, how cruel it is to win laurels without his happy shouts.i wish to see him, to hear his voice, things are piled up for sharing, complaints are unheard, joys are staying in the phase of no-celebrations, sorrows die their natural death without catharsis, tears roll-down with no hopes of being wiped out by a kindred hands.i miss my super-hero. : (

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Karen Sinclair 05 November 2012

Wonderful piece... first made me think of my lovely son who's hero at the moment is iron man but has been many different figures from buzz lightyear to spiderman but i was hoping that you were going to turn (as you indeed did) to a real role model in the end, one as you say cannot fly but as you see it let you be the success you are today by im guess grounded love and well thought out reactions...i also love that you titled this in capitals as it shows how important he is to you...tyvm

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Saeed Jan 03 November 2012

Superb one, with a flow like that of water.. all the lines contributing to make a greater whole with nothing superfluous.. what I like most in this poem is the changing heroes with changing time/age, but only one hero remains constant till the very end and that is father.... It hits me the most because U know my situation... Great write pal..! !

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Raihana Abdul Jabbar 03 November 2012

Thanks a lot for your valuable comment on my poem. This poem portrays a truth that everyone's real superhero is their father. Whatever they seek in childhood, teenage and in later stages of life, they will come back and emulate their father's footsteps when they meet a crisis in life. Awesome ink! Loved it... Allah Bless You! :)

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