A Special Solar Eclipse Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

A Special Solar Eclipse

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Awesome to witness this extraordinary phenomena
The famous  rare' Ring of Fire' right over Africa! !
Today the sun's a terrific ruby ring in Tanzania
A fiery stunning cerise circumference, special effects, credits Creator Allah
As the luminous moon is bid to veil the dazzling sun
As it casts its amazing antumbra
Upon the terrestrial sphere, aqua and terrafirma

It's a new Moon and the moon is at its apogee
The Moon, earth and sun aligned in a fine straight line
As the trio are lined up for the superb syzygy!
The moon superimposed upon the sun, juxtaposed for a contrasting 'ring effect'
Both of them as if grinning and glowing in glee

Bailey's beads of light art' seen
Towards the Moon's trailing edge
The sun's photosphere is seen as a bright ring of rays
Around the dusky disc of  the marvellous moon
Two Heavenly Bodies as if joined in  honeymoon's loving embrace
And we in Tanzania lucky to be in the path of the moon's antumbra
The moon's aphotic silhouette glides across the sun's face
Beckoning people to gaze up the mighty Heavens
This eclipse can only happen during the new Moon phase
I fantasise that instead of circus tigers the Leo star shall jump
Through this flaming ring of the sun's corona
The golden rim's like a great glorious necklace
That the moon gifts to the sun, as designed by Allah

So people are tuned to the firmament
Gazing with goggles in all wonderment
At this striking celestial show which requires us Muslims to pray the special prayer of signs
The namaze  Ayaat to celebrate and supplicate to God' s glory gratefully
So hallowed be God and hail to the moon and beauteous blazing boundary
Afforded to us as we are treated to it for free

(a must read the authors notes below for interesting info, as we in Tanzania are treated to this rare annular solar eclipse)

A Special Solar Eclipse
Friday, September 2, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
The solar eclipse happened on 1st September, also my parents marriage anniversary.
I found this Wikipedia commentary ESP interesting since I have been in Tanzania for over a decade now) :
SOLAR ECLIPSE Ring of Fire report: source Wikipedia;

The best vantage point was in Tanzania and Reunion Island.

The longest eclipse was visible in Tanzania, peaking at 12: 06 p.m. local time and plummeting the sunny day into partial darkness.

Spreading across a 60-mile (100km) radius, those outside the full eclipse were able to enjoy a still impressive partial eclipse.

Partial #solareclipse right now in #Joburg - max at 11: 02 @eNCApic.twitter.com/5dP8FAokTX

— Candice De Carvalho (@CandiceSAfrica) September 1,2016
@Slooh Partial solar eclipse from Arusha, Tanzania. pic.twitter.com/fxu0CdKUYu

— Dominyk Lever (@zoOmphotosafari) September 1,2016
Also known as an annular eclipse, the ‘ring of fire' is a rare treat, with only three more to occur this decade.

Unlike a total eclipse, the moon is smaller than the sun when it passes by it, producing a ring effect.

And There We Go....The Solar Eclipse in Full Effect! #katumabushlodge #katavinationalpark #mbalimbali #Tanzania #africa #african#africanadventure #nature #solareclipse #solar #eclipse #wanderlust
A photo posted by Katuma Bush Lodge (@katumabushlodge) on Sep 1,2016 at 1: 42am PDT
September starting with a solar eclipse. Spectacular view! #HappyNewMonth#RwOT#Rwandapic.twitt er.com/rj4kuytqxe

— IGIHE (@igihe) September 1,2016
Those lucky enough to witness an annular eclipse hopefully remembered that even with massive reduction of light, it is still unsafe to look directly at the sun and was better viewed through a filter, pinhole, or the safety of RT's live stream.
Kelly Kurt 04 September 2016

A beautiful sight over a beautiful country. I saw a full eclipse in 1979. I had a 1600mm telephoto lens and a filter. I took several rolls of film (black and white) and developed them in my darkroom and sold copies to many people where I worked. They are not a necessarily rare event but they do only cover a narrow swath through a small, specific region of the planet. You lucked out this time around. : -)

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Abduhoo Salamath 03 September 2016

wooow...what a great message. Masha Allah really useful message.

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Abdussalam Jafar 03 September 2016

Masha Allah.... beautiful and nice written...useful message for all. Thanks for sharing..

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 04 September 2016

Wonder what's spoiling and messing up with my poem to cause repetition! !

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Anil Kumar Panda 04 September 2016

The amazing site a solar eclipse creates in the sky. Very nicely described and thanks for sharing.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 February 2019

This extraordinary phenomena is beautifully painted and expressed through words. Bailey's beads of light art is truly seen. This poem is excellent poem very nicely penned. I love such penning. Thank you very much for sharing this lovely gem...10

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Denis Mair 06 September 2016

This poem could only have been written by a first-hand witness. Thanks for sharing the excitement and the discovery. The lineup of three great heavenly bodies is a reminder that the moon is our constant companion, and it has a complex but highly regular orientation with regard to the sun. It is interesting to know that your religion has a special prayer time for celestial signs. The word CERISE is very nice and makes me pay close attention to the phenomenon. It spurs me to wonder why the color appears! Thanks for adding the notes. I am amazed by the body of knowledge that tell us three more annular eclipses will occur this decade! An eclipse can be annular or total. This tells me that the moon's distance from the earth can varies slightly, maybe because its orbit is ovoid. However far or near it is, it appears very close to the same size as the sun. This is quite a coincidence, and it tells me that the sun is massive, because it is so far away (four light minutes, I think) , yet it looks as small as the moon. It seems that the moon is a very good distance from the earth. If it were much closer, tides on earth would be disruptive.

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Dave Walker 05 September 2016

A beautiful poem and picture, a sight I would have loved to have seen myself.

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Robert Eckstein 05 September 2016

Excellent description, and good to acknowledge the Hand of the Creator in the awe and the beauty. My part of the world will have a total eclipse on 21 August 2017. Astronomy is one of my hobbies. Best wishes. R. Eckstein.

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Xelam Kan™ 05 September 2016

it would be... caz we never assume an solar eclipse besides moon. Any way that was grt description, a scientific one, would be more rejoining if applied poetic tools, you have romanced the scene but in black and white, as i said can be better if you did not write but painted. i like it.

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