A Story Poem by survi sharma

A Story

Rating: 4.7

my legs will be broken
never would be my dream
and let me clear, though a girl
i never let me slip on the cream.

let me say, this world, 'hello'
my agony never knows a way
i am peeping through the glass
whether it is night or a day.

however, sweetness tell my mom
and my dad, who is in London,
my friends make me laugh heartly
never going to leave them, such cruelity!

i have a piece of ear rings
that i have never used till now
i avoid using it, many reasons,
as looking, boys cries, 'wow'

i have a short and simple story
that i am among the talents
and this will eventually bring near,
my destiny, when being a successful engineer.

Indranil Bhaduri 22 June 2013

Beautifully written..thoughts of a girl..or a woman... beautiful

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Kelly Seale 22 June 2013

Golden flower set to bloom, your time is near, your time is soon. You will go far young lady. Great Write! ; -) Kelly.

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Simran Arora 22 June 2013

:) :) :) :) :) ..... Nicely explnd...

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Hazel Durham 22 June 2013

Your on the threshold of all your dreams coming true with such sweetness and a powerful outlook on life! Love the lines........I am peeping through the glass whether it is night or day.

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Nirmal Upadhyaya 07 January 2014

nice attempt. story telling is not so easy in poetry.

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Farah Ilyas 28 June 2013

Another beautifully written gem

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..... W@king Up..... 25 June 2013

A great story :) the story of your life, perhaps? It certainly seems to be the story of mine. Nice work :) -W

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Jenie Franksay 24 June 2013

good 1... strong and impressive.

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To be simple is a bliss.See our Defense Minister Mr.AK Antony, he never uses a watch.He uses simple dress.So, what? Be rational, Critically thinking.Read News papers and Magazines of different kinds. Observe people of different category and their life on your way.Your grace will inspire you to write well and neglect frowns and criticisms. Expect your confident poems of rhythm and rhythm. Practice some nursey rhymes(as a mould) to get a flow to poems. This story is very appealing.

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